8 comments on “Arci Munoz: gearing herself up for MWP2012

  1. I think she got “pushed” to join considering she’s a TV 5 talent. Knowing that TV 5 is this year’s MWP broadcast media partner, no matter if she is deserving to place or not , people will draw political hues to her being an official candidate. It is kinda coup of sorts for MWP to bag a “celebrity” to enlist for their fledging pageant – something Bb. Pilipinas failed to do with all that hype about Megan Young in 2012. Good luck to Arci Munoz! I see a Top 5 placement for her. That I think is assured IMHO.

    • Spoke/wrote too soon. Latest developments are saying , Munoz was “pushed” out of MWP competition by …surprise…. her home TV network TV 5. Apparently , if all the net talk were to be the gauge, contract conflicts or somewhere along those lines. Oh well, she , MWP, and TV 5 enjoyed the media and pageant fans glare – short lived as it was.

  2. I thought she was saving it all for next year; and for Bb.Pilipinas where there are more titles to win for those beautiful contestants. MWP is such a tight race for everyone with just one title up for grabs. But yeah, it’s very prestigious. But is she still in? Her tweets are saying something else. Thanks! šŸ™‚

      • If she was pulled out by TV5 for some legal or ethical concerns, that should be fine. It’s actually a wise move for her as she’s up against more experienced and equally good-looking aspirants.—and she looks more of a high-profile actress/model for me than as a potential beauty queen. Maybe she’s better off with Binibining Pilipinas. Just saying. šŸ™‚

  3. Not a fan. I have a theory why Gwen placed so high in MW. She’s articulate incredibly tall (a trait not commonly seen among Asians) and has a regal bearing. Arci has none of those traits. Sorry. She’s pretty for an artist, but not as a beauty queen.


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