7 comments on “Olivia Culpo is Miss USA 2012!

  1. In MU history,USA has missed the semis only 4 times.so do expect that this girl will make it through regardless with her height.

  2. Always expect the unexpected in a beauty pageant. Don’t be surprise if the favorites ended up as losers.
    She’s beautiful but too petite, to think that this batch is filled with towering candidates.
    Expect her to be in the semis of MU, a petite Miss USA always make a cut in MU, that’s what I’ve observed in the recent decade.

  3. Very petite winner, to think that there are many towering candidates in this batch.
    I don’t agree with the criteria that the final placement will be solely relied on the Q/A.
    With this kind of system,always expect the unexpected.
    If Olivia will make a cut in the upcoming MU’ 2012, I’m pretty sure that that is because of Trumph’s Demonic Intervention.

  4. Pretty, fresh and very appealing! I’ve always been a fan of Olivia’s type.

  5. It was difficult to separate the finalists until their final questions. Her win is well deserved.

    • I agree, Mrs. AJ. I really wanted Nevada’s Jade Keisall on top but it wasn’t meant to be. I think Olivia will make a wonderful Miss USA. 😉

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