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  1. Hi Norman,anything new going on in BBK now aday.ru happy with the choice of miss USA?

      • Out of topic: The Miss USA is going to be crowned tonight. Norman, let’s see how your predictions fare. We’ll aslo find out if height is might, with Oregon’s 6’3″ Alaina Bergsma. I just don’t see a very tall woman winning it. She’s a good volleyball player for the Ducks, an All-American OH. But if she wins the whole thing. I think there will be a conflict with her volleyball schedule. The VB season runs from August to December, and that will be her time for training in preparation for the Miss U. I guess she could take a redshirt year in VB.

        Speaking of volleyball, one other candidate Miss Maryland, Nana Meriwether was a UCLA volleyball player. She was also an All-American MB. She used to slide on her knees everytime she registered a block and it was annoying to watch her do her celebration especially to opposing fans. She had been entering beaty contests ever since her graduation, the latest being a runner-up in Miss Californa, I believe in 2010.

        Let’s see how these two VB players do tonight.

      • Nice inputs, jonjon. Alaina’s height is impressive but she does not seem to offer a whole lot outside that. My picks are still Michigan, Texas and Virginia, with Nevada and Rhode Island next.

  2. oh I sure like to see some video of Miss unverse thailand pageant. Any ideas where can i find that?

    • Oh Yes… I used to rent Miss Thai Universe Beauty Contest…. and they are all available for rent at any Thai store nearest you. Eventhough I don’t understand it, I loved watching the Thai Pageant. But the MUThiland 2012… I haven’t watch it yet,, but anytime soon once it available at the , the Thai Store in Frutivale, Oakland I will watch it.

  3. i think its human nature to be able to think or sense something as many animalsor other spicies can.it’s telepathy i think and if one really can tell future or talk to spirit i would ask for a winning lottery number…heheheheh. any way where do u go when u visit the US? u have any family here in the US? yeah its much easier to travel between BBK and manila,short distance for one thing. you are lucky guy to have seen those beauty queens. i just happened to look thru things online and decide to check out what is going on in Thailand.Do u work in thailand or retired?

    • I have relatives in San Diego, Vegas and parts of New Jersey, but I seldom visit them. Whenever in the US, I prefer to go my own (or with my immediate family members). We love going to Portland (OR) and New York. But when in Cali, we usually stay in either Huntington Beach or Orange where my close friends reside. I actually don’t work in Bkk. All my stays are mainly vacations. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. oh just my curiosity if ru ok if I ask, do u believe one can talk to spirit?

    • Yes I do. But depending on the credibility of the medium. I’m not too keen on those who claim to be one and make a big business out of it, but the ones whose accuracy were spread by word-of-mouth.

  5. cool!! glad u enjoy living in BKK and hope u meet a lot of nice people there in Thailand as i do in the USA . hey maybe someone should ask Warattaya if she gonna win Miss Earth…hehehehe. Well don’t feel bad if u can’t speak thai well enuf. i have been in the US for a very long time and still have problem with the language due to the fact that i work with thai people i guess.have u ever been to the US? oh my niece and her husband used to live in Manila.They like it there too,met a nice family there.

    • I visit the US from time to time, yoon. But I’m such an old soul that I still yearn going back to the Philippines and Thailand whenever I’m there. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. and I think philipino people or those judge in the beauty pageant really know how to pick a beauty queen.Their beauty queens seem to make it to the simi-final multiple times.

  7. Oh cool and how do u like living there in BBK? I have been living in California for over 20yrs and don’t really know much about what is going on in Thailand. I have a few good friends here in San Jose ca. from the philipines. I play tennis with them. Nice people!!!

    • It would be an understatement to say that I love Bangkok. Everything there just blends well with the kind of life I want to live. I just hope I can speak Thai because it is one of the hardest languages to learn. Up to now, I can only greet Sawasdee khap or say Khop khun khap or ask Khun chue arai khap? LOL!

      Oh, I can always quip ‘phet nit noy’ when I want my food less spicy or express ‘Phom ra khun’ to someone special. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Sawasdee Khap Norman,

        I used to have lots of Thai friends when I was a student of FEATI University waaay back. They are very nice people to hang out with. It started with 2 classmates then they introduced me to some of their friends. We used to go out to movies, and to Batangas and Laguna beaches. They invited to their pads and ate Thai foods.

        I learned a few words, cha lak khun, pom mai me satheng, kathey. It has been a plan of mine to go visit Thailand. Maybe one of these days. How is the place anyway? Is it safe? I heard the night life is superb but would you recommend being out until the wee hours of the morning without fear of being nabbed?

      • Jonjon, Thailand is a safe place in general. In Bangkok, you might feel a bit daunted at first (with the language barrier and crazy traffic to name a couple) but nothing that would spoil a first-time visit. Nightlife-wise, though, I would suggest not going solo at first, especially if you plan to get close to being wasted or something. If you’re still in touch with your Thai friends, ask if they can tour you around. Having a local by your side would be a great help in more ways than one. I’ve had my share of missteps during my first two visits there, but they only served to challenge me even more to love the place and adjust to its share of uniqueness. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. i think Porntip is 100% thai I don’t think she’s mixed .She moved to the USA when she was 2yo if I am not mistaken

  9. Hi Norman
    hehehehe i don’t really know if she’s a psychic but I am not surprised if she is cause many thai people are very superstitious.i mean judging from wat my own family…hehehehe,they all have good education but really believe in psychic power. anyway I really like to see a real “thai look” miss Thailand. nothing against Farida. She is beautiful and deserve to the titlet.And the only one i see in top 5 finalists that really has “thai look” is Supatra. by the way where do u live Norman? Are you thai?

    • Yoon, I just confirmed that Warrataya is indeed a medium who can talk to spirits of the dead and the like. It wasn’t at all played up too well by the press because it might be bad luck. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Norman — Is Farida Waller the first Eurasian to represent Thailand in MU? I don’t think there’s ever been one before. Judging by her name, I assume she’s either half English or half American. However, I find the first runner-up (Warratya) who took the Miss Earth Thailand title personally more beautiful and appealing.

    • Glenn, if I’m not mistaken, Farida is indeed the first Eurasian to win Miss Thailand for Miss Universe. However, she is not the first half-caucasian to do so. My Bangkok mole insists that Porntip Nakhirunkanok (MU1988) is half-American. Miss Thailand World, on the other hand, has already produced a number of Eurasian titleholders.

      I agree that Warrataya is even more appealing. Actually, the two of them are my top picks to win, together with the 2nd runner-up (Suppatra) and top 15 placer (and the tallest) Sirin.

    • I kind a gree with u Glen. Farida is very beautyful young lady and she does has some what thai people called “Thai look” but if it were up to me,the last 2 finalists should be #10 Supatra cause she really has thai look,not Hong Kong look or not china look. i think #10 is very beautiful. Supatra and Farida are my pick. i really want to see a dusky thai girl to represent Thailand but they seem to pick light skin thai beauty queen every year and I don’t know why.maybe we should get new judges. We should get new set of judges every year,again its just my opinion.

      • Yes, yoon, Suppatra should have been in the Top 2. She embodies the real Thai beauty to me. And correct me if I’m wrong, but is 1st runner-up Warrataya known to be a Psychic or something? That would’ve been an interesting angle for a top winner. I wonder if she can predict her victory in Miss Earth 2012. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Ang ganda naman..vital stats panalo rin..hay janine, may pag-asa ka pa kaya?2 lang nakukuha sa asia,minsan 1,may year ding bokya..wala pang pinapakitang transformation si janine,sana kagulat-gulat pag meron man..

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