4 comments on “The new and improved Elaine Kay Moll

  1. GLENN…… I second the motion…. Yes both Elaine Mohl and Luzelle Felipe are always in my mind for the BPCI 2013…. They are both very beautiful.

  2. It would be very interesting to have both Elaine and Luzelle Felipe compete next year and see who prevails. Hopefully, we’ll see taller candidates (as these two) in 2013. Also, in Elaine’s case, now would be the time to seriously consider having minor cosmetic enhancements and take on intensive training to hone her communication and interview skills. Physically stunning at 5’10”, Elaine truly has potential. By focusing on these specific enhancements early on, Elaine could be one formidable candidate in 2013.

    • The problem with both Luzelle and Elaine is their communication skills. You can never teach someone how to be as witty and spontaneous as a true beauty queen. We need a naturally good speaker with more than average facial beauty. I am actually hoping for a newbie to win next year, much like Supsup.

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