3 comments on “The return of Miss International to Japan

  1. Just trim the eyebrows and she’s perfect (height issue aside). She has a radiant smile, but the over-the-top eyebrows make her look creepy sometimes.

    • Lot — Yeah, I’ve noticed those eyebrows from day one. They look like they’ve been pasted on, or drawn with a very thick eyebrow pencil, ala Joan Crawford. It’s done in the theatrical make-up style which might look good some 20 feet away. But the judges will be interviewing Nicole up close . And from that short a distance, those eyebrows do look creepy. Nicole has a naturally beautiful face as it is and her make-up doesn’t need to overwhelm. She also looks prettier and younger with less of it, IMO.

  2. Norman — Hooray! And it’s about time. With the pageant back in Japan, Nicole will at least be competing in a level playing field. I think most pageant analysts would agree that a Philippine candidate would have never had the chance at winning the crown in China for many reasons, most of them political. Now, if only Nicole could lose a few more pounds and tone down those eyebrows a bit, I’d be happy.

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