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  1. Norman — I agree with you when you said there appears to have been an “effort to remove all the hurdles in Janine’s way” by the BPCI. I remember two years ago when they tried to pull the rug out of Venus through a “technicality” in their misguided effort to install someone else in her place. Luckily, Venus prevailed. It seems that in Katrina’s case, however, the “technicality” appears to have been struck preemptively to ensure the results BPCI wanted.

    And yes, dual citizens participate freely in Miss Universe. As an example, Miss Ghana and Miss Bahamas who competed in MU2012 were also citizens of the U.S. — and both of them even competed in Miss USA at the state level. Miss France Chloe Mortaud, a dual citizen of France and the U.S., was a 2009 semifinalist at Miss Universe and a top-5 finalist in Miss World that same year. And the list of dual citizens competing in international pageants go on and on and on.

    So, for BPCI and SMA to disqualify a candidate or render her ineligible for a title — simply for having dual citizenship — is sheer NONSENSE and smacks of favoritism and political manure.

  2. Norman — Concerning one of the comments here that Katrina was not eligible for the Miss Philippines-Universe title because she “failed to meet the residency requirements” imposed by the MUO — if that was the case, why was she even allowed by BPCI to compete at all given that any of the candidates (including Katrina) had the potential to win the that title?

    MUO requires that a candidate born in her country of origin need only a current passport of that country to compete. However, if the candidate is foreign-born (i.e., born outside of the country she is representing), she needs a current passport for that country (i.e., has become a naturalized citizen of that country) PLUS six months of continuous residency in that country. Miss Universe Great Britain’s residency requirements mirror those of MUO’s:


    Because Katrina was born in the Philippines, she only needs a Philippine passport to meet MUO’s requirement. If she had been born in the U.S., then applied for a Philippine passport through the jus sanguinis principle (citizenship through her Filipino parents), then the requirement of six months continuous residency at the time of her entry to the BB Pilipinas would apply. At least that is how I understand the rules.

    • I’m not sure how BPCI interprets dual citizenship nowadays. At 18, Katrina must be at the crossroads of deciding which one to keep. I may be wrong but it’s possible that this is the source of conflict.

      As for your question on why Katrina was allowed to compete despite such issues, I heard that she was informed of the consequences when the pageant was already nearing the finals and probably decided not to back out anymore.

      • Norman — If Katrina “lost” the Universe title due to this technicality, then that is sad, especially if she missed the residency requirement by only three days (I mean, can’t they just use white-out??).

        In regard to dual citizenship, I don’t know why BPCI would have issues with that. If a candidate is a holder of a current valid Philippine passport, then by the standards set by the Philippine Department of State, she IS a Philippine citizen — regardless of whether or not she holds a foreign passport. If Katrina holds both Philippine and U.S. passports, it is not an issue in as far as the Philippine government (the country she represents) is concerned.

        I’m not sure where BPCI’s general queasiness with dual citizenship comes from since many candidates with dual citizenship regularly compete in MU without any hassles so long as they meet MUO’s minimum residency requirement of six months.

        There also have been several MU winners who are dual citizenships: MU2005 Natalie Glebova (Russia & Canada); MU2002 Justine Pasek (Poland & Panama); MU1977 Janelle Commissiong (Trinidad Tobago & U.S.), plus all five MU winners from Puerto Rico — since ALL Puerto Ricans are by default dual citizens of both Puerto Rico and the the U.S.

      • Double standards in play? I hope not. Because if MUO has its own rules to be followed, then BPCI should pattern theirs to the same since Miss Universe Philippines is the top plum. If the dual citizenship candidates of other countries can participate and win Miss Universe, then it should be a non-issue after all. As far as the “short of three days” dilemma with Katrina Dimaranan is concerned, it can be overlooked due to the sheer negligibility of the amount of time……unless there is really an effort to remove all the hurdles in Janine’s way.

      • Correction: “There also have been several MU winners who HOLD dual citizenships…”

  3. she deserves more than her present title… she should be representing the Philippines in MU or MW.

  4. i believe kathrina jayne dimaranan will compete in an international pageant.she will compete in 2012 miss tourism queen international.doon din kais ipinadala si isabella manjon last year

      • Norman — Isn’t part of Katrina’s prize and contract as Miss Tourism the privilege of representing the Philippines in that international pageant? If the franchise kinks aren’t ironed out and the Philippines withdraws its representation, doesn’t that give Katrina an “out” of the contract with BPCI? I’m just thinking out loud and thinking of scenarios wherein Katrina could be allowed to compete in BB Pilipinas next year and hopefully win the Philppines-Universe title (as she should have this year).

        If I were Katrina and was told I wasn’t going to be competing internationally, I would seriously give consideration to resigning my BPCI title and hop over to the Miss World Philippines’ camp.

  5. When I saw Katrina in Aces and Queen’s mock pageant I knew she would win. She has that IT factor!

  6. The problem is when she smiles. She has a habit of smiling too wide while having her chin up and it’s sometimes creepy to look at. I hope she works out that smile of hers.

    • That can always be corrected given the time. Dimaranan has the bone structure ,not to mention the captivating exotic looks that always never fails for Filipina Miss Universe representatives. She has the long legs that made Venus Raj and Shamcey Supsup clicked in their years. Then there is her unusual eloquence in her communication and ability to express herself skills, which many observers think is impressive considering her young age.

  7. There’s still hope. If Janine becomes overly pressured that she breaks down, Katrina can assume her position and compete for MU this December. Hehe… Is that possible? Or is it Elaine who’s next in line? (not too keen on her).

    I agree with Glenn, Katrina is better suited to compete for MU. Janine is gorgeous, but she lacks that uhm je ne sais quoi(?), that fierceness that will make me root for her. Looking at Kat’s photos above, it made me believe that she REALLY wants to go out there and snatch a crown for our country. Same thing I felt with Venus and Shamcey. 🙂

      • Katrina indeed would have been the best fit for the Bb Pilipinas Universe . SMA and the judges who eventually gave her the Tourism crown may have considered her for the more plum Bb. Universe , unfortunately though she failed to meet the required minimum residency requirements of the Miss Universe Organization.The fact that she missed it by three days Dimaranan herself said was her ” greatest disappointment ” (yet far) per an interview that was published in The Manila Mail, a Fil American newspaper in the San Francisco Bay Area where she is from.

    • It seems the only way Katrina will replace Janine as the Philippines’ MU candidate is if she pulled a Tonya Harding… (not that I’m suggesting it or anything…) Just kidding.

  8. Norman — Wow. Katrina looks fantastic. I know it’s like beating a dead horse when I say this, but I think Katrina is a better fit for Miss Universe (and I’ll keep on saying it). Exotic, tall, beautiful, talented and with a native fluency in English — plus a compelling life story that Trump and MUO would just love. She is also wise beyond her years. Her recent photos say it all and we’re still months away from December! We haven’t even seen her at her peak yet and I look forward to seeing her continuing transformation. It’s really sad that Katrina is being sent to compete in a second-rate “Tourism” pageant (of which there must be at least half a dozen). Another missed opportunity for the Philippines.

  9. Young,tall,tan,good communication skills and interesting life story.Now, appealing beauty in addition..That’s a total package..

  10. Hi Norm,

    Frequent reader but first time poster here.

    Question: Can she resign as Ms. Tourism and try out for the Miss U Phil next year? I agree that it’s a waste of beauty if she does not compete internationally.

    • Can she resign from the title? Yes. But can she rejoin next year after giving up on a crown? That could be thumbed down by BPCI. That’s the difference between being a runner-up and a titleholder.

      • Norman — But if she resigns her BPCI title now, she can compete for the Miss World Philippines title this year, right? A huge risk for Katrina, I know, but it is so very tantalizing to even think of the possibility. What do you think?

        Also, I can’t help but notice Katrina’s resemblance to ’73 Miss World first runner-up Evangeline Pascual in these recent photos.

    • Awww.. yeah me too. But I think she will compete in the upcoming Miss Tourism Queen international to be held in Thailand this year. Isabella Manjon even won Miss Charity in that pageant.

      No doubts, she really is ravishing! :))

    • hello,.,.hopeless tayo dyan.,.find another one.,,.ginagawa nang tradisyon ang mga runner up this year eh,.,.sya namang magiging title holder next year nu ba yan???,.,.one thing more yung title holder ng BBP this year 2012,.,kitang kita naman na wlang potential na manalo,.,.di yan mapapansin sa semifinalist,.,wlang dating d tulad talaga ni Venus at Shamcey,.,hopeless tayo this year,,.,tigilan na sana ni Stella Araneta ng mga tradisyong pagsasalin s mga runners up on the next years pageant eh sa kanila din ipapasa,.,di ba nman mga ate,.,.

  11. she has really improved a lot in a short span of time. I’ve always believed in her potentials. Enough training with Cuay will fill the missing link to an armed and full packaged BQ, which can be dangerous in the international stage! I wanna see her in MU next year…

    • tapos na ba ang international contest supposed na paglalabanan,.,.pretty sure lost yan,.,.wanna bet,.,.

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