12 comments on “Stephany Stefanowitz wins Miss Philippines Earth 2012!

  1. Kuya Norms, just a minor correction.
    Diane Ramos of Subic was not part of the top 10, but instead, it was Princess Manzon of San Francisco,Cebu who made the cut.

  2. Norman — I didn’t realize Stephany is a MPE repeater. She competed in 2010 where she ended up as one of the top 10 finalists. Along with Janine and Nicole, pageant repeaters appear to be winning big this year.

  3. Norman — Thanks for the info. I briefly viewed the candidates’ bio profiles on MPE’s website and I noticed that were a lot of well educated candidates with degrees in engineering, management, etc. Stephany’s current profile reads “freelance model / designer / host / singer” so it doesn’t quite fit what I expected the winner to be. I wasn’t able to watch the broadcast (I’m in the U.S.) so I’m not exactly sure what gave Stephany the edge over the other candidates who seemed (at least on an intellectual level) better suited for Miss Earth. I can only guess perhpas that her 5’8″ stature and coherent interview skills won her the title.

    • You’re right there, Glenn. The final Q&A sealed her victory. The TV telecast has just started 30 mins ago. The live proceedings were finished almost 2 hrs back. Grabe ang late telecast ng ABS. Only the true blue fans will most likely watch.

      • Thanks, Norman. Hopefully, someone will post segments of the pageant in YouTube so I can check it out.

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