4 comments on “Miss Universe Thailand 2012 Official Candidates

  1. If only Thai trangenders will be allowed to join,then Thailand will regain its powerhouse status during the 70’s and 80’s.

  2. Miss Sirin P. #3….. her height is a might, and she is very beautiful.

  3. Norman — Thanks for the info. One thing I can say is that Miss Thailand’s website at least provides the candidates’ vital statistics — unlike BPCI which for whatever reason purposely did not disclose their candidates’ stats on their website this year, consequently opening the floodgates for speculation and confusion concerning their candidates’ heights, etc.

    Many would agree that Thai candidates are almost always among the most beautiful of the Asian contingent — and the most underrated in recent years. However, they really need to work on modernizing their styling and stage presentation at Miss Universe. Unfortunately, what we admired back in the 70s and 80s as feminine “pulchritude” (the regal comeliness that was once associated with beauty queens) went by the wayside when Trump took over, hitting rock bottom with Zuleyka Rivera in 2006. Perhaps the Thais could modernize their look at Miss Universe — a look of Oriental regal fierceness — while at the same time radiate their innate grace that typify Thai beauty.

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