6 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas 2012 winners during Philippine Fashion Week

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  2. Dimaranan is really oozing with x-factor. And as for Janine, she resembles Danica Magpantay.
    I hope that the BPCi will provide her the proper team to groom and transform her into a fierce asian delegate in the Miss U.

  3. I agree with the comments posted above. Six weeks after the coronation, noticeable improvements are seen on Elaine and Katrina. Sadly, the same thing can’t be said about Janine whom everyone has much expectations on. Janine does not have Shamcey’s lovely face nor the catwalk skills of Venus which both girls already possess even before they clinched the MUP title so she’s got twice as much work to do than her predecessors. In the photo above without their crowns and sashes on, a casual observer could easily mistake her for one of the runners up instead of MUP. Now, I know that MU is still a good seven months away but I seriously think she should start ahead to get ahead.

  4. Annalie Forbes, 2nd RU and Pamela Bianca Manalo(BP 2009) are very much look-a-like.

  5. Katrina looks stunning and continues to become lovelier as time goes on. I still hold the opinion that SHE is a much better fit for the Miss U pageant…. oh well. As an aside, from looking at the photo above, Nicole needs to lay off the donuts, just sayin…

  6. Elaine is really coming into her own, Norm. She is a stand-out, and this recent pic is revealing the comfort and security she’s gaining. Should there still be a Miss Supranational candidate from PI, she would represent us well. I hope she is given the opportunity to compete on an international stage.

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