4 comments on “My favorites for Miss Philippines Earth 2012

  1. This girl, Duch has become my favorite after Venus Raj—beautiful although not as ravishing as Raj. Well, that could be acquired but I really think that she’s way eloquent, knowledgeable and confident so strong enough to make a smashing representation in the international arena.

  2. I have a feeling Glenna Duch will take the top crown. For the past two years, the MPE winners were cute, short, and articulate. Duch fits the profile. A lot of people would be upset again. Thankfully, she is faically superior than both Psyche and Athena.

    • I hope they won’t establish that kind of trending for winners because there is international representation. If Duch is really the best, then so be it. Otherwise, let the most qualified lady win so that we’ll have both a smart and physically competitive bet in Indonesia.

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