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  1. So, is there anything you wanna say now that she’s not just Ms. World Philippines but Ms. World 2013?

  2. dont blame her if she doesnt want to join, maybe takot nga sya dahil may personal reason sya. maybe rin may doubts sya dahil hindi naman sya masyadong sineseryoso sa shobiz i mean wala nga syang solo movie sa tagal nya nang actress eh unlike erich gonzales dami na, lagi nman syang supporting role lang eh. kaya siguro may doubts din sya bka kasi mapahiya lang sya. maramig nagsasabi na sumali na siya sa tingin ko marami ring walang tiwala sa kanya or wala lang hindi rin naman sya gusto. kaya hayaan nyo na sya free-will nya yun, at beside marami parin naman qualified at mas interested na sumali no matter what cost i mean kahit mapahiya sila ay ayos lang. try to think megan is beautiful and curvy maybe smart too but sineseryoso ba sya ng masa? or even ng media/showbiz halos typecast nga mga role nya eh so sa ganitong situation sa tingin nyo hindi nya alam to or hindi nya nararamdaman? kung kayo ganito takbo ng career nyo compare sa mga ka-peer ninyo ka-age 22 or 23 or mas younger sa inyo na mas kinagigiliwan or gustong gusto ng masa sa tingin mo hindi ka mag-aalinlangan na sumali kung wala ka rin naman higher charisma sa masa? Megan Lynne Young has no high quality charm sa Pilipinas, She has no voice sa youth din, just think about it ?????

  3. Aside from Megan lacking the heart of a lion, she’s so insensitive to the feelings of her gay supporters.
    Wala na talagang bawian,because even if she decides to join,she can’t and Stella won’t allow her.
    Megan already posted in Rouge Magazine,almost topless. So,those pictures are confirmation that she isn’t joining.
    Poor Megan,she does’nt know how to utilize her God’s Given Beauty.

  4. Norman — Megan has been the one floating the idea of her joining the pageant for years, but clearly doesn’t have the nerve. I ran across an old interview of her from 2009 where she said that her biggest fear in joining the pageant is the embarrassment of losing. Read it for yourself:


    Clearly it takes the heart of a lion to join a beauty pageant. That’s why I give credit to girls like MJ Lastimosa and Patricia Ejercitado who bravely competed at BBP — not once, but twice — girls who are unafraid of whatever “embarrassment” or potential ridicule that might befall them.

    The Philippines needs candidates who have the courage to compete with the most beautiful girls in the world in front of a global audience — “taas noo kahit kanino” as the song goes — whether they win or lose. Megan for all her physical beauty does not have that kind of courage. Her default fall-back position and comfort zone is to nurse her fear of embarrassment where she’ll feel “safe”. She, sadly, does not realize that it is her lack of self-confidence and insecurity that are the biggest embarrassment of all.

    • I think most celebrities would not dare join Binibini because of the fear of losing locally.

      • Nobody (at least not yet) has come close to what Ruffa Gutierrez risked and won last 1993. Some other celebrities (like Rich Asuncion and Krista Kleiner) may have done it in the past, but not at the star level of Annabelle Rama’s daughter at the time.

      • Being a celebrity is a double-edged sword. It does put more pressure on you if you were a celebrity competing in a pageant. But on the other hand, it gives you apparent advantages the other candidates do not have. It really boils down to what you are made of: self-confidence, self-knowledge (knowing your own strengths and weaknesses), physical attributes, personality, determination, willingness to work hard, intelligence and courage. Fortunately, Ruffa Gutierrez, to her credit, had all of these and ultimately gave honor to the Philippines by winning a top 3 slot at the ’93 Miss World. So, yes, it takes MORE, much more, than being a pretty-faced celebrity to be successful in a beauty pageant.

  5. Where and when did she say that Bb. is not part of her future plans? I thought last niya sinabi was she was not ready this year but is open in the future. I say ner say never. Marami diyan eating their words later. It would nice and fitting to see her crwoned as the 50th Bb. Pilipinas Universe next year.

      • Norman — This girl has been crying “wolf” since 2009. It seems like every year, she dangles the possibility of her “joining” like a carrot on a stick, then changes her story with claims that there was really no intention on her part, or that she’s missed the filing deadline, or that she has far too many commitments, or she needs to concentrate on her “contracts” with whomever. She does this calculated move every year to get some media attention, then “withdraws” or comes up with some lame excuse at the last minute. This way she gets her media cake and gets to kick her supporters in the gut at the same time. I say enough already. If ever this manipulative beatch decides to float ideas about the possibility of her “joining” a pageant to elicit a media response, just ignore her. She’s cried wolf far too many times.

        Wouldn’t it be ironic if she DOES indeed join a pageant — and then her worst fears about joining come true? Now, that would be fitting karmic justice, wouldn’t you say?

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