10 comments on “Thai transgenders awaiting their fate for Miss Universe Thailand 2012!

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  3. MAU…… this is TGIF…. , I have lots of Transgender friends and I love all the BEKIS. I even helped a lot of my BEKIS friends to go to JAPAN (during the heydays TRANS were in demand in Japan), so I am well versed with their physical and mental beings. They are all so beautiful, just like me. I am so thankful that I AM the WOMAN of today. But I have to stop from that. And I don’t have to compete with the WOMAN WHO ARE GIFT FROM GOD, when it comes to pageant like this. And to take away the crown from them BY A TRANSGENDER….. NOT A THIS TIME. NEVER SOON.

    I just told you the ESSENCE OF TRANS…. and sorry, most of my TRANS friends are even against TRANSGENDER INVADING THE PAGEANT FOR WOMAN WHO ARE GIFTS FROM GOD!

    Sorry MAU that I offended you. Maybe MAU…. you can tell NORMAN… and other readers…. what your rationalities of having a TRANS in a pageant like Miss Canda or Miss Thailand. Because I really don’t know WHAT THEY ARE TRYING TO PROVE TO THE WORLD?

  4. bilib talaga ako sa thailand kung sa operasyon ang pag uusapan..pero kayayanin din kaya nila kung si tita swarding ay maisipang magpaopera sa kanila?hehe

    • Kaya yan, pero the more important question is papayagan kaya siya ng marami nyang anak to spend a fortune on the procedures? 😀

  5. I am a transgender myself, and I am very much against this kind of mental illness which originated from Canada and now spreading in Thailand and might be contageouslly spreading the BPCI. BPCI, please don’t let this kind of VIRUS kills your pageant! And no offense to others, some transgenders or transexuals are not really a symbol of a WOMAN since some of my Transexuals sisters are attracted to WOMAN and not a MAN. Don’t get shocked because there are Trans sisters who are actually a FATHERS or single fathers. To get my records straight….. SOME TRANNIES WANTS TO CELEBRATE THEIR FEMINITY WITH WOMAN AND NOT with a MAN.

    SUZETTE NICOLAS….. another MISS CANADA 2012 aspirant, has a very impressing bio to offer us. That she sacrificed cutting her long hair just to donate it to BC Cancer Society. She wants to share her hair to those less fortunate people who were unable to grow their hair, and she will be more than happy to do it again! Provided Miss Jenna wins the Miss Canada…… there’s no guarantee in life that after ten years or so, she can maintain her beautiful hair. In the event Miss JENNA lost her hair (just like other’s TRANNIES), well, Suzette Nicolas I think, will be very generous enough to donate her hair to ALL THOSE TRANNIES who ARE actually BALDS in their own homes! Let me get my record straight…. NOW HOW CAN WE TRANS be more beautiful than the WOMAN WHO ARE GIFTS FROM GOD… true I must always admit, I AM A WOMAN WHO IS A GIFT FROM MODERN SCIENCE!

    And for ALL THESE JENNA WANNABE’S, let me correct you girls, YOU ARE THE ONES HURTING YOURSELF…. and not others. You are the ones discriminating yourself and not by THEM.

    And the BOTTOMLINE IS, Your are the ones discriminating us the trannnies because you don’t want a pageant exclusively created for US the Transgenders or transexuals!


      • yang nag reply sa taas mo koyang norms, baklang galit sa kapwa bakla. fyi tgif (aka tinanggal at ginupit ang itlog ni father), waning na ang interest sa traditional pageant around the world. mga vaklish na lang magpapasigla sa ms univ. at yung mga thai tranny kita mo naman koyang norms, maganda pa kay janine taguntong at luzelle filipay. kaya nga sa bangcock ako magpaparetoke kasi maganda ang resulta. yung nagreply above, palagay ko siya ang kalbo at thunder catz na. tsura lang.

  6. MISS UNIVERSE: Of Transcendence and Essence

    I was excited upon reading an article about a transsexual blonde named Jenna Talackova, who made it as official candidate to Miss Universe Canada 2012. And Donald Trump’s statement—starting next year, transsexual delegates from any country that recognizes them legally as women are welcomed, with open arms, into the global Miss Universe pageant—moved me, to say the least.

    Good luck to Filipino-Canadian model Suzette Hernandez and the rest of this year’s 64 finalists at Miss Universe Canada, since they are bound for a big battle against their big brother who, possessing the best of both worlds as both a man and a woman, is innately stronger than his little sisters, and thus immensely able to bring the house down on the May 19 coronation night.

    I’ve seen Suzette Hernandez in person, when I coached (Lapu-Lapu) Cebu’s Sharon Angel for the Mutya Ng Pilipinas 2010 search at the amazingly high-end Newport Theater in Resorts World Manila, wherein Suzette placed first runner-up, and Sharon second runner-up (with the Miss Photogenic special award, plus her Top Model of the World major title). Suzette competed with Shamcey Supsup at Binibining Pilipinas 2011, but wasn’t lucky enough to advance to the semi-final round.

    Given her determination to make history in pageantry and her fighting spirit to eradicate gender discrimination from the book, Jenna Talackova is poised to wow Canada and tell us all that it would be more fun in the universe, especially if women trapped in men’s body were given a platform to voice their choices and opinions via the most prestigious beauty pageant there is. If she wins in Canada, she will be competing at the Miss Universe 2012 pageant with our strong delegate, Janine Tugonon, a professional ballerina and a Pharmacy cum laude graduate from the University of Santo Tomas.

    So, Ariel, does it mean you’re in favor of transsexuals’s controversial insert into the traditional pageant? Girl, if given a chance to discuss this over a cup of coffee with Miss Universe Organization owner Donald Trump and its president, Paula Shugart, I’d suggest that they conceive another one which would be MUO’s fourth (including Miss Teen USA, Miss USA, and Miss Universe). But with the stirring thought that women are competing against womanly men plus MUO’s wider vision and broader horizon, what better title is there to be used than Miss Trans Universal Queen, since there’s already a Miss Trans Universe pageant (exclusive to transsexuals) happening in Las Vegas come August?

    In her answer to the final question at the Miss Universe 1994 pageant held in Manila, India’s Sushmita Sen said: “Being a woman is a gift from God which all of us must appreciate. The origin of a child is his or her mother, and she’s the woman who shows her man what ‘loving, caring, and sharing’ is all about.” Thanks to the wisdom of her youth, she nailed it as the first Miss Universe from her country.

    As my mother’s child, I’d like to hang on to Sushmita’s definition of womanhood’s essence, although sometimes I wish I were born female so I could have become a beauty queen myself. But then, I have a lot of personal problems already, and I refuse to be stressed out by this issue that’s been boggling the minds of many people the world over since Jenna Talackova made waves from North America. Because, honestly, even if I started writing this blog on a firm standpoint that opposes MUO’s inclusion of transsexuals, rain or shine, the show must go on.

    Not even a tsunami can stop these talented transsexuals from walking their way to reach for the stars in the universe. Nor can any cat down the road threaten to bite their long, flawless legs so the world’s fiercest and fairest “former men” quit walking the talk.

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