10 comments on “Janine Mari Tugonon: her evolution from 2009-2012

  1. I think she underwent surgery. Just subtle. I remember Shamcey and Venus–their faces were preserved regardless of the make-up. But this girl, a lot has changed. You can’t achieve that with merely make-up. I even think she got veneers for her teeth. Even the way she opens her mouth now is different. But it’s fine. She’s beautiful. GO Janine!

    • Veneers, yes. An injection or two, perhaps. But surgical procedures, definitely no. Mrs. Araneta won’t approve it.

  2. go!!!!go janine!!i know you can make it to the top!!i know you can bring home the crown!!!you have my full support no matter what happens!!!!!!!!!god bless!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Norman — Janine’s nose in those early photos (the close-up shots) look unflatteringly bad, to be honest. Her recent face photos show marked improvement. Has Janine undergone cosmetic surgery? Her “new” face looks a lot better — or is this just styling and make-up? If it was cosmetic surgery, then I’d say she made the right decision — and I would even go further and say that perhaps if further cosmetic surgery was considered, lifting the tip of her nose just a tad higher (by about 1/8 of an inch) to give a bit more space separating the bottom part of her nose and her upper lip would really help her face aesthetically.

      • Wow. Janine’s 2009 photos barely have a passing resemblance to what she looks like now. Just goes to show what great make-up can do.

  4. Oh Yes. With Janine’s latest photo she looks like Honey Lee (Miss Korea 2007), while Miss Indonesia U 2012 looks like Riyo Mori.

  5. Janine, I suggest you should start your training right away. Don’t waste any time. The Latinas are training harder and we can see their transformations right now. Not only them but the same goes with the Europeans. Czech Republic, France and Croatia are undeniably beautiful and stunning. They just need proper training to be in the top. So Janine. You should work harder and make the Philippines proud. Prove your bashers, your detractors wrong. Honestly, you are not my bet to win the crown but I am giving you my full support. I know you can do it. Good luck and don’t just clap during the MU Pageant. Make us proud and surprise us. Good luck and just do your best and be yourself.

  6. Just proper make-up and styling,Janine will shine the brightest.
    She has an aura of an exotic vietnamese. A trimming of her waistline and catwalk lessons will put her on top of the game.

  7. Actually gusto ko ang judging this year. The top 4 are well deserving accordinglly. Of course they were with Miss International 2005 Precious Lara Guigaman, from day one to the end. Kaya perfect ang results. Sana every year ganito ang results…. I have a very strong feelings that Janine will reach the top 5, and from there…. remains to be seen. So far, she is one of the favorites in the May Edition of a Latina version of MU 12 top 10 early favorites (from among those already confirmed beauty entries).

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