7 comments on “The challenges of being a Miss Philippines Earth candidate

  1. The Pinoy Games challenge simply opens the eyes of the people today that we can still be entertained by these traditional games, nowadays, children get addicted to computers and technology which consume too much energy and electricity. (this year’s MPE theme is Sustainable Energy for All) As for the singing challenge, I don’t think there would be harm in letting the girls showcase their talent and creativity in formulating steps

    • Perhaps I was looking for more activities along the true lines of the pageant. The environmental challenge so far did not involve trees, plants, wastes and soil but cartolinas, cutouts and manila papers instead.

  2. Miss Philippines-Earth and Miss Earth are cheap pageants. That’s my opinion!
    Rememeber during 2008 ad 2009? We almost had a back to back victory with Karla and Sandra,but that was never a big issue/reason for the Filipinos to celebrate.
    This is just another second-tier pageant.
    Just a waste of time,Europeans did’nt even know that there is a pageant like this,except for those who are avid pageant watchers.
    This a a Filipino-made pageant,but I’m sorry,it has no appeal on global market.
    Miss Universe is the only pageant that even small little girls know.

  3. Who’s your bet, Norman? I have Negros Occidental, Quezon, and Vigan as my top 3 bets. Who’s your as of the moment?

    • Right now, I’m tentatively eyeing the reps of Negros Oriental, San Juan City, Muntinlupa City and QC. But everything is still indefinite as of today. 🙂

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