8 comments on “Grendel Alvarado for Miss Asia Pacific World 2012

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  2. she will never be a beauty queen. akala ko si freddie aguilar sya. babaing hipon. masarap ang katawan pero patapon ang fez.

  3. There’s no doubt…… and Glendale Alvarado is a carbon copy of Jessica Sanchez…. By the way, Jessica Sanchez is only an inch away of becoming the next American Idol 2012. Vote for her!

  4. I like her long limbs and exotic look.
    Don’t you think guys,that appointment of representatives to int’l pageant is more practical than conducting a pageant that orchestrated the results?
    Less expenses,better chances of choosing the girls who are top caliber and stunning.
    If I am the director of Binibini,I would do that system ,and appoint who I believe will stand out Int’ly.
    Meagan Young,Luzelle Felipe,Isabel Daza and Georgina Wilson will be on top of my List.

    Btw Kuya Norms, I gotta go,so exited for the santacruzan…Are you coming?
    Wish me luck not to bump in with Golda’s Kabarangay.

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