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  2. Kuya Norms,I’m so happy!
    I watched the Santacruzan of Binibini Beauties,and I have a close-up shots of them…I went on every route of the parade,I think it was four times,that I got to watched them.
    Venus is such a friendly queen, Shamcey is so divine but she’s too skinny.
    Diane Necio is also beautiful and Pat Fernandez as well.
    Ali Forbes is a Miss Universe material if not only for her height same with Patricia Ejercitado.I also saw Jaine Hidalgo,Gina Howell,Allen Ariosa, Chloe Zanardi and Karen Gallman,,they are all very approachable.
    I was impressed by Lizel Alcantara,she’s tall and so charming,natural beauty and porcelain skin.
    Daniel Castano and Jennifer Barrientos are goddesses too, Janina San Miguel is also there,she gained weight,I never recognized her,thanks to the bunch of gays beside me,they told me that it was Janina.
    Nicole Schmitz is such a heavenly creature,so beautiful.
    Ellaine Moll is so tall,baby-faced.
    As I saw Janine in person,I understood why she won,there’s something in her,I just can’t explain what it is.But I’m sure that she will shine as she nears the Miss Universe.
    Precious Lara is also charming,she has a flawless skin.
    Over all,they are all gorgeous,.I just can’t understand why Gloria Diaz is there, ang taba nya!

    • Glad you enjoyed the Santacruzan, Basil. But I’m more pleased that you were able to size up the ladies better. 🙂

      • koyang norms, wala ka bang betamax copy ng santacruzan. gustong gusto ko ng makita at masilip ang bb winners sa kanilang mga saintacrossan costumes. at ayon sa ating kafatid na si basilio na nahatd ng blow by blow updates sa mga dumalo. blow by blow daw ohhhhhh. ganda mo basilya. at kasama pa si 69 miss univ tita gloria d. ano naman ang role nya sa parada….si matusalem! di na ba galit si madam estella kay lara dahil prodigal dawter sya noon at si janina st john, di ba siya persona non grata dahil resignung sya as bb world noon. talaga naman sa mundo walang permanent friends and enemies.

  3. Kuya Norms, just got an info from twitter, I don’t know if this is true…
    but I wann share it with you…..

    Philippines Pageant‏@Filipinabeautie

    The 61st Miss Universe pageant will be held in Tampa, Florida, United States, on December 17th, 2012 http://pic.twitter.com/lpkp6hph

    • I also read about that. I’m taking things with a grain of salt. Unless MUO releases an official statement in their website about the final venue, I am keeping my excitement in check first. Besides, if true, Tampa is not exactly a thrilling location to get all heated up. Better if Miami Beach.

  4. Where is the route of that santacruzan Kuya Norms?
    If I’m going to go where in that place will I have a better view of the girls, sorry I’m not familiar with the place.

    • nakuh ledesma basil, dughay ka na sa maynila tonto ka pa. paikot ikot lang yan araneta coliseum. eto tsismaks ko: reyna emperatis daw si janine, reyna elena si nicole, reyna delos flores is katrina, reyna banderada si moll, rosa mistica is angellee, reyna sentenciada si madam araneta at matusalem si kuya pitoy moreno.

      • @mau aba: bruha ka talaga! hindi ko kabisado ang araneta ,dahil sa Angola ko nagdalaga! bwahahaha.
        haaay mau,sana andito ka,gusto kita makasama manuod ng santacruzan,tyak na kailangan nila ng taga-paypay, kaya naalala agad kita!
        Si BB Gandanghari daw ang Reyna Emperatris,at ang korona nya ay sanga ng bongambilya na may dalawang itlog ng ostrich at isang talong na dinikitan ng sunog na buhok!

    • It will just be within the Araneta Center vicinity for better crowd control & security. The parking lot at Quadrant C would be a good base.

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