3 comments on “Princess Manzon: will the former housemate gain more fame as a beauty queen?

  1. Kuya Norman,lately I have noticed that you are not mentioning the heights of the girls you are featuring in this blog. Is it because of the bashers screaming out loud when their bets fall off an inch or two? Don’t mind them,though height is very important details in a pageant,which needs to be mention in a review like this, a mention based on previous data files released by the respective pageants is credible enough.
    Please mention their heights Kuya Norms,so that we can assess them with more basis, pictures are so deceiving.

    • Basil, I include the height if confirmed as accurate. Otherwise, I don’t second-guess on the same. Just like Princess above. She looked like 5’6″- 5’7″ during her PBB days but I wouldn’t state it as a fact unless published online by Carousel. I think they refrained from showing the height in order to give the shorter candidates equal chance in getting their share of the limelight.

    • Princess is only 5’4″. She should have been disqualified from the pagent! Not tall enough at all!!

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