9 comments on “Will Naimah Abdirazack be the face of Bb. Pilipinas 2013?

  1. She has the beautiful mix of a Somali and Philipino features. The narrow nose, high cheek bones, ‘Caucasoid’ features of a Somali combined with the beautiful Filipino eyes. Gorgeous make.

  2. This is a young face and a young body. She needs time to mature, like a fine wine. She has the potential. She just needs time and training. Who knows, maybe next year she will have matured and will be more than ready to take on the international scene. Girls do physically mature faster… so you never know. One moment they’re little girls, then you blink your eyes and they’ve become a woman. Good luck to her.

  3. I wouldnt be surprised if Megan Young finally decides to join Bb. Pilipinas next year. It is my understanding Bb. Pilipinas will celebrate its 50th Year next year. I would imagine that would be a big celebration for them and there would be a big marketing push to entice the most beautiful Filipinas to enlist. Rumors are also ripe about ABS CBN and the Araneta Group of Companies’ interest to bid for the Philippines to host the 2014 Miss Universe pageant.

    Touching the main topic though. I would love to see Naimah compete at the Bb. Pilipinas pageant. If not next year then the next. She just needs to trim and tone her body, polish her catwalk/stage presence and prepare for that dreaded Q&A and she will be noticed.

  4. She needs to lose weight.
    Looking at her arm,I thought i was looking at her thigh,but when I opened my eyes widely,OMG it was an arm!
    And btw,what is her height? She looks short, maybe just 5’5″?

  5. She still looks incredibly young, or maybe it’s just the baby fats. She looks like a native tribal Filipino. Very exotic indeed. She needs to lose weight, though.

  6. she’s very pretty and looks very charming – actually, cute atm. She kinda reminds me of a better version of Ailyn Luna meets Maggie Wilson – needs more polishing. And if rumors were true that the MUP crown are only reserved for Jonas Gaffud’s girls – she better get her ass at mercartor then! Her beauty is for Miss Universe only.

    Thing is, come 2013 we’ve a lot of comeback beauties (again, according to rumors and speculations) this early! lol. can you believe that? We’ve Luzelle Felipe whom I don’t mind winning the MUP, then there’s the Medina girl who’s also a-ok. I also heard Arevalo’s name whom I truly adore and ofcourse, the mighty comeback of Megan Young (?)

    • Paddylastinc…. I definitely agree with you of Luzelle Felipe and Diane Arevalo to comeback next year., BP 2013….. together with Miss NAIMAH (another Laila Lopes so Naimah will be best for TQI next year)…..

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