10 comments on “Stephany Stefanowitz: will this Gwen Ruais deadringer win MPE2012?

  1. The more I stare at her now, the more I am convinced that she looks like the equally beautiful, ZsaZsa Padilla. 🙂

  2. Has she not participated in the previous edition of MPE? She made it in the top 10 i think.

  3. Is she the girl in most of Manny Pacquiao’s advertisements? Is she the Jinkee Pacquiao’s Mascot?
    And so much of Gwen,we all knew that Gwen only placed in the Miss World because of politics,Julia wants the Philippines to host the Miss World. And as a token,she made Gwen a placer,but now that Philippines declined the thought of hosting,Philippines will be clapper again for years.

    • If Gwen only placed due to Politics – do you think Shamcey was able to penetrate the top 16 because of Politics with the rumors that whoever the Philippines will be sending last year at the Miss Universe will surely placed??? I think it’s unfair to say that Gwen’s placement was because of Politics – during the Miss World 2011, she’s clearly a stand out and made it in most fast-track events. ^_6 2 cents.

      • Shamcey deserves the placement.
        And what can you say about Gwen being unplaced in the Global Beauties ranking?
        Same with her Shitzu hairstyle and a boxer-like facial features.
        Actually Gwen has a resemblance with Jinky Pacquiao,but if you will look closer,she’s more of a Manny Pacquiao female version.

  4. She’s more of an after-plastic-surgery Jinky Pacquiao deadringer to me. She does have some of Gwen’s features, only softer and more feminine.

    She’s actually my MPE bet. God, I hope they don’t choose a Psyche/Athena prototype again. We’ve become the laughingstock at Miss Earth because of those two.

    • You’re right, Kim. She does indeed have physical similarities to the post-operation Jinkee Pacquiao as well.

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