9 comments on “Good news for Nicole Schmitz!

  1. As popular as the pageant is, you’d think they’d update the titleholder’s crown. It’s not very aesthetically pleasing. I wish Mikimoto could have some influence in getting and designing a new crown for the Miss I Pageant.

  2. wow this great news i dont have any reasons to miss this since its in my country haaha

  3. Thank you GOD!!! At least I now feel that Nicole has a fair chance. Hopefully, the judges will not consist of many Chinese judges (no offense meant to the Chinese). If the panel of judges consists of mostly Chinese, then we still have the same problems as before. Anyway, I lived in Okinawa for a while and loved it there. Next to The Philippines, I wouldn’t mind living there. With a fair judging panel and the pageant held in Okinawa, I can breathe a BIIIIIIG sigh of relief and can feel that Nicole will be judge fairly. Too bad this didn’t happen when Melody and Krista were in the pageant. Sigh… Oh well, water under the bridge. We now must move forward with a great deal of hope for Nicole!!! GO NICOLE!!!

  4. OMG! this is very good news for us as well!!! I still think that Nicole’s the one to beat so far – bias aside. I know that Nicole will make us proud! Out of the three Queens, I’ve my high hopes for Nicole to clinch a crown!

  5. Kuya Norms,what are the prizes in the Miss International aside from a crown that reminds us of Santa Claus?

    • I know that the winner of MI receives a replica of the crown plus a cash prize of US$10,0000.00.

    • ang alam ko ang prices are bukod sa ajinamoto crown maroon ding sashimi, tempura at edamame. sasamahan pa yan ng hello kitty at voltes v.

      • wow mau aba, wort it pala pag nanalo tayo ng MI, imagine ang daming prizes,at maiuuwi naten si voltes v, ang balita ko e well-endowed daw itong si voltes v. bwahahaha

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