10 comments on “Ilocos sizzles with the Bb. Pilipinas 2012 winners

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  2. I’m waiting for Janine’s transformation. However, I do see little bits and pieces of changes and they seem to be working in her favor. I’m a supporter of her but I’m not a fan – yet… Looking at her in these pictures, she shows a glimmer of what is to come and I’m starting to love the subtle changes. Let’s hope and pray that Madame Stella provides more than adequate training for her in all aspects. So far, so good. Incremental but noteworthy.

  3. haaaay,wala pa rin akong makitang sparks kay Janina,este Janine…Janine should be thankful sa Ninang Stella nya,biruan mo,hindi pa man din pasko e rinegaluhan na sya ng korona…
    kaya kayong magaganda,hindi lang dapat ganda ang puhunan,dapat may Ninang kayo tulad ni Stella.

    • Cut her some slack, Basil. Her MU training has yet to start. Who knows, she just might wow us all by 3rd quarter’s end. 🙂

      • Hopefully,I’m not against her because as a filipino we should support her.
        Sana nga magshine sya sa MU, though among the asian delegates,so far she’s the girl to beat in Asia.

      • You’re not against her, Basil. You’re just worried that she might not be ready for the competition.

  4. Only if these gals can ease the tension in Scarborough shoal…let’s send them immediately…

  5. I laud PAL, Ilocos and BPCI for the tourism push. Hopefully other visits to other Philippine regions will happen as a follow up to this . I am impressed with all these positive BPCI marketing changes. operation Smile, the beauties’ homecoming visits, now this tourism push which were all created to bring high visibility to the Bb winners. It does seem to look like it is indeed more fun to be a Binibini!

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