11 comments on “MercatorTV: Entertainment-on-demand

    • Mabuhay Beauties is like a predecessor of Aces & Queens in a way where past bets from members were promoted. This is the site where the likes of Zora Andam and Gionna Cabrera were initially seen. The original members included Jonas, Boyet Blas, Jeffrey Jeturian, Wendell Capili, Cesar Evangelista, Joseph Vitug and myself. I was the least active then and my contributions were mostly on pageant reviews.

  1. Kuya Norms, are you affiliated with the Mercator Agency? It is getting an ample of free publicity on your blog. Please don’t take my question as sarcasm,I’m just curious. And if not, then I think you should be part of the Aces and Queens. A Gaffud-Tinio tandem will be an ace.

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