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  1. miss international in japan? good for the Philippines.In china,Philippine delegates was snubbed by the Chinese judges. i hope nicole will do well in miss international 2012

  2. ATM, I think the MU crown is still between Bodine and Irene. I’m yet to envisioned Janine entering the top 15 – I’ve to wait after her transformation 🙂

    I think Kat will do well – it’s just sad that she’s representing a very minor pageant 😦

    For Nicole, I think she’s one of the front runners for the crown. She’s just so ready!

  3. i think asian would win the crown for the miss universe this year or a western beaut perhaps…miss international crown is for the philippines…

  4. Some random forecast: Janine would enter the top 15, then go no further. Both Nicole and Katrina would clap.

    I don’t know. It’s just a feeling in my gut. This year’s BBP contestants and set of winners are not that strong. I’m not having my hopes up for the three ladies.

    • Serendipity works. Don’t expect then be surprised with something better. That always gets my juice pumping. 🙂

      • That is true. Low expectations means less room for disappointment. If I am proven wrong, I’d accept it and be glad for these ladies.

  5. Nicole Schmitz; perfect fit for the Miss International,but I don’t think she will take home the crown,I have a hunch that a European will win.

    Kathrina Dimaranan; wasted beauty,I would love to see her in Miss Universe, but it’s done,fate has decided that she’ll just be in a second-tier pageant.She’ll win in the Miss Supranational if politics will not mend.

    Janine Tugonon; As much as I want to convince myself that Janine will be a good contender in the Miss Universe,reality bites,she’s not the one . Her only chance is the online vote.
    Having seen the videos and pictures of crowned Latina and European beauties,Janine will have a really hard battle.

  6. As much as I’d like to see Janine, like her two immediate predecessors, place among the top 5 at Miss Universe this year, to be blunt, I don’t think that’s going to happen. I’m afraid 2012 will be the year the Philippines’ winning streak in Miss Universe will come to a screeching halt.

    And as much as I’d like to see Nicole win the Miss International title in China this year, political tensions will preclude that from happening as someone else had mentioned earlier. I really think that the only chance the Philippines will have a fair shot at winning Miss International again is if the pageant was held outside China. And I hope that happens soon.

    And I’m actually relieved to hear that Katrina may not be sent to China after all. That would have been a big waste of a truly outstanding candidate. The possibility of her competing at Miss Supranational in Eastern Europe bodes very well for her. All factors considered, Katrina has the best chance of doing very well among the three. And if it were up to me, I’d go further and make a switch and field Katrina instead to compete in Miss Universe where I think the pleasing combination of her dusky exotic looks, outstanding communication skills, assertive personality and her American upbringing will serve her well with the pageant’s American organizers — and I would field Janine to Supranational in Europe instead, where a candidate’s interview skills or a bubbly personality may not matter as much to the Eastern Europeans. My 2 cents.

  7. For the moment, my focus is on Nicole. While I feel she is PERFECT for Miss International, I hesitate to say she will take it all. My reasoning? CHINA… especially now with the territorial conflict that is going on. Let’s not kid ourselves, when a pageant is held in China, we all can pretty much tell the Chinese rep will do well and a some placements are politically motivated and very obvious, not even trying to hide the reasoning. Rather bold and brash, but that’s how they roll.

    Let’s use a couple of examples to highlight The Philippines hopes at Miss International in the recent past. Let’s take Krista first. In my humble opinion, she is my Miss International that year. She was pretty much on a lot of “winner” lists from various pageant buffs (other than Filipino). She made the semi-finals and that was it. What happened? The murder of the Chinese tourists in The Philippines and all the reprecussions and political drama. The Chinese never “forgave” us for that and pretty much took it out on our representative. Then there was the year our beloved Melody went. Semi-finalist and then China given a top 3 spot? Over Meloday? Really???? Since the pageant has been held in China, have we ever made if further than a semi-finalist spot? The realationship between Japan and The Philippines has been good and we’ve done well when the competition was held in Japan. Once it was moved to China, it lost its credibility to me when I started seeing the results. Please don’t take that statement (or any of the above statements) that the eventual winner was anything less than beautiful. For me, in certain cases, not the most deserving winner but pretty enough. I use to love Miss International, at times more than Miss Universe. Not lately.

    I hope I’m wrong. I pray I’m wrong. I would love to see our Nicole do extremely well and not be held back by any political turmoil that may be occurring between The Philippines and China. I can only pray…

    About Janine… I will wait for the transformation before I really ponder her chances….

    • Sorry about the typos. I was typing so fast, got distracted by a friend, then hit “Post Comment” before I proof read my comments. Sorry…

      • There are reports quoting that this year’s Miss International will be held in Okinawa,Japan. The same reports says this has been officially announced by the
        Japanese charity group the organizes this international pageant.

      • If, indeed, MI returns to Japan, it would be a blessing. I may just start liking MI again. 🙂

      • Norman — Yes. That would be great news — if Miss International moves back to Japan, Nicole at least would have a fair shake. Unfortunately, China’s pageant productions are not the best, but beyond that, China has a tendency to politicize EVERYTHING, even beauty pageants.

      • And pageants are starting to look like dime-a-dozen events when hosted by China, much like most of their mass-produced exports.

  8. I think Katrina will do well at either the Miss Supranational or Miss Tourism Queen International pageants. Since precedent has already been set at the MTQI, I think her chances are better there. The MIss Supranational Pageant seems to favor the european reps more, and that may or may not go against Kat. But, I will say that Kat is strong in her communication skills and exudes confidence when she walks and talks. That’s a plus at any pageant. As for Nicole, she’s a perfect fit and has a great chance to win the MIss International crown. They seem to favor the Asians that are more fairly complected, and the Philippines has a history of doing exceptionally well there. She’s articulate, smart, and very pretty. Janine has her work cut out for her right now. She doesn’t exude fierceness just yet. She’s still a little overwhelmed by the pressures of following in Shamcey’s and Venus’ footsteps. I see her working and doing her best between now and December though. I am hopeful that she becomes a semifinalist, too. But, she needs to tone some, work more on enunciating each word when she speaks, and develop a fierceness (in walk and talk) that tells everyone that she is really going to fight for the crown. Despite my (positive) criticism of Janine, I like her, and have always wanted her to win the Bb. Pilipinas Universe crown. With her past experience and her willingness to work, she can still be “molded” to fit the Miss U image. I have high hopes for her.

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