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  1. I BELIEVE PATRICIAIS A BEAUTY QUEEN MATERIAL. but i guess she did not shine during the bb.2012. shes23 she can join next time.i wish you good luck to patricia. CONGRATS ABS-CBN. VERY GOOD PRODUCTIONin bb.2012

  2. P.S. Angela Perez-Baraquio, a Filipina-American, represented Miss Hawaii America and went on to win the Miss America 2001 pageant being the first Asian-American to do so. See her biography on Wikipedia…pretty damn impressive!

  3. Here in the U.S. Miss World is not nationally televised on the big four networks (CBS, NBC, ABC or FOX) while Miss Universe, for the last 50 years has been telecasted on CBS and NBC respectively. Miss World has been telecasted on one of the major cable networks and is not highly publicized. The Miss Universe-Miss World quandary is similar to the two major U.S. pageants; Miss USA and Miss America. Miss USA focuses primarily on the external and has classic model looks and represents the U.S. in the Universe pagaent. Miss America. focuses on the girl next door beauty and is a scholarship pageant (and older of the two pageants) and pays homeage not only to physical beauty, but talent, interview (scholastic ability and speech) and a platform she chooses to raise social awarenes and has speaking engagements during her year reign. Very similar to Miss World. Miss USA is to Miss Universe as Miss America is to Miss World. Both equally beautiful nonetheless, but has different emphasis.

    From what I understand, the Philippines bested a first runner-up in the Miss World 2011 contest. Not surpising…The Philippines potentially has the ability to be the Miss Venezuela of Asia….in both pageants!!!

  4. Norm, I found out that the recently dethroned Miss Dominican Republic did get married and is now divorced. Totoo ba yun? If a transgender can compete, why not a divorcee?

    • I can only surmise that DR strictly enforced its own policies in the pageant even before Trump could enter the picture. We all know how their candidates are favorites of MUO almost every year and they don’t want the risk of prematurely turning them off with a former ‘Mrs.’ competing as a ‘Miss’. It’s double standard at its best, imo.

      • I’m actually surprised that Donald didn’t make media hay out of this story like he did with that Canadian transgender…

  5. Oh kuya norman,miss dominican republic-universe carlina duran was dethroned…organizers find out that she is married…

      • chakaliliy naman. ang ganda pa naman ni ms dr. sana di muna siya nagresign at kinuha nyang lawyer si gloria allred at vaka machange pa yang ruling na walang married candiddate sa ms univ tulad ng payagan ang binababaeng ms canada candidate. alam mo naman yang si wigberto trump, samapalin mo lang ng salapi balewala sa kanya ang mga ruling ruiling.

  6. Here’s my honest opinion:

    MJ does NOT look at all fresh. She looks haggard on every picture, even during the coronation night. Her body is not proportional and she has some “manly” angles. She’s also short, which further makes her less of an ideal delegate. Additionally, she does not converse well.

    Patricia only looks good at certain angles wherein her hair covers part of her face. Her body is great but her face is really too circular and quite big and out of proportion with her body.

    So in conclusion, I don’t like either of those two to be our delegate. There are better and arguably more beautiful Filipinas out there. Let them have a chance.

  7. kasi naman matigas talaga ang muka ni mj.. then hindi proportion ang vital stats nya. oo nakakaloka liit ng bewang nya. at sa laki ng puwet at balakang nya eh nakakalula din.. hindi pang beauty pageant ang body shapes nya.. kundi pang bikini contest!. q and a…. curiosity killed the cat! ahahahahhahaha

    kahit anung ganda ng sagot nya sa question na un… hindi pa rin siya mananalo.. kasi gas gas na ang tanung na un sa mga contest!!!

    si patricia naman maganda din… proprtion naman ang body nya… ang kaso litt naman. trend sa international ngayun is average of 5’7″ and taller…. q& a nya hindi ngaganun tumatak sa isip ko at sa mga friends ko eh.. try nila mwp. wala naman mawawala sa kanila kung manalo or matalo eh ….

  8. There’s no reason for MJ and Patricia Lae to waste their beauty and brains just because they didn’t win in the BBP pageant. Make it a last venture to MWP since there’s still time for them to prove their worth of having a crown for global beauty pageant. Save the best for last as what performers always say. Who knows MWP beauty pageant would be the best for them? MJ has already the tools and equipment for an international beauty pageant, I say it technically…well equipped in terms of body figure and intelligence though that night of BBP she had a pause and a repetition of the word “peripheral”. MJ and Patricia Lae must prove their worth by joining this second prestigious beauty pageant the Miss World Philippines 2012. And I’m 100% sure that Philippines will once again bring home a title next to the reigning MWP Gwen Ruais….

  9. Agree with Mrs. AJ’s insight (and you too Norman!) These ladies and ready after a little fine tuning. Perhaps a little nudge to MJ and Pat to convince them for another try! How do we do that?

  10. MJ’s Q and A left me wanting. Patty’s was just so-so, too. Our current Miss World Philippines, Gwendolyn, has always been able to articulate herself well and she was just a good, overall package when she went to the MIss World Pageant. I say nothing ventured is nothing gained. My only concern is that neither of the girls has decompressed and recovered (adequately enough) from the Bb pageant and the fallout and hoopla after it. Perhaps I’m wrong. But, there’s no shame in just walking away either. They’ve made their marks on the hearts of their supporters.

  11. She’s not my bet in BBP,not even my runner up.If she join MWP,she difinitely got my cheer…MWP is now looking a poor lass I heard…referring to her?

  12. Failures of MJ and Patricia in the Binibini only proved that this year’s Binibini is a cooking show,winners were predetermined. Though I’m not a fan of MJ,I believe that she deserves a higher placement that night,same with Patricia.
    But if the BPCi doesn’t like them,move on,venture into new avenues,maybe MWP,better prizes are at stake,unlike in BPCi. What are the prizes in BPCi? Wardrobes that are worn by previous winners,installment salaries, a year subscription of avon and manila bulletin.In MWP,you will win a condo unit, 2M and who knows a hosting stint at tv5.
    For MJ and Pat,please join. Don’t procastinate,time won’t be on your side if you do.
    MJ will be a good representative at Miss World,with a 21-inch waistline,she’ll ace the beach body competition.

    • i’m sorry to disappoint you, basilio, but MJ will never be a MWP. Though I accept that her waistline is heavenly, I wish I had them, she is far too short for the international pageant and her face is not that captivating. No offense but i saw her in person and she looks like vice ganda. her face is a little bit hippodromic in other words horse like, mukhang kabayo, but in a nice way. yung pang karerang yokaba. her BBP placing last year is really questionable. she is very lucky to be in the finals this year. but i dont know if ms cory quirino would like another BBP palakpak girl as MWP this year. i bet cory would like to extricate her pageant as being tagged as tapunan ng talunan from BBP. most likely MWP this year will be somebody who has not joined BBP before. as for pat ejercito, with her nose reconstruction, she will most likely end up as a runner up if the star position is right.—- ang iyung crispin—-xoxo mau xoxo

      • I agree na masasayang lang beauties nina MJ at Pat if they will decide to stop joining pageants. I hope they will join MWP. However, they have to work their asses off if they really want the title.

        Pat has a very exotic look, and I believe that among all the BBP finalists this year, sya yung may itsura na pinaka-may chansang maging Miss U. Kaso lackluster ang performance nya lagi. Seems like she would not kill for the crown unlike the other girls.

        Si MJ naman, kahit suportado ko sya dahil kababayan, tsaka vavavoom ang katawan, medyobnag-fade din sya this year. Yeap, kung gagawa ka ng checklist sa mga pose nya sa pics, sa mga lakad nya sa runway, etc, nagawa nya lahat yun. However I felt like the competition got the better of her. Nawala yung glimmer sa mata nya. Para bang na-dampen ang fighting spirit nya nung papalapit na yung BBP pageant night.

        Di ako naniniwala sa height height o sa bilog bilog na mukha. Nasa sa pagdadala yun nila sa sarili. I believe both girls have what it takes, kaso di nila pinakita ang best nila sa competition. May mga mas nag-shine. (although di ako agree na MPU dapat si Janine at sa 2 RUs, dahil may mga mas ok pa sa kanila, pero ayos lang din, tapos na eh. Susuporta nalang ako)

        Sana sumali pa sina MJ at Pat, kasi naniniwala akong kay nilang manalo ng international crowns. But they have to work their asses off para masiguro na yung “best versions of themselves” ang dadalhin nila onstage

      • if i am not mistaken, i believe miss world 1st runner-up gwendolyn ruais was a BB.pilipinas semi-finalist before she joined the miss world-philippines. she was a “talunan” and a palakpak girl in binibini before she made us proud in the miss world. so think before you speak!

  13. True. To all those who felt they were not favored or lucky enough in BBP, MPE, Mutya, etc, this is one good opportunity to try it again and prove their real worth.

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