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  1. And almost 18 years later, I still can’t get over how Venezuelan goddess Minorka Mercado lost to Sushmita. And I would have been happy still with Carolina Gomez. Oh well… It’s a good thing they got rid of that “soundproof” booth out of the Q&A already.

    • Minorka was a shoo-in for the crown that year. And to think that Sushmita’s evening gown then looked like a bargain bin item. The final Q&A was really the culprit.

  2. My 3 best bets that year was Ms. USA Frances Louis Parker, Miss Belgium Christelle Roelandts and of course our very articulate representative Ms. Philippines Charlene Gonzales. Candidates photo was so very expensive here since Davao del Sur is hundred miles away from the main spot Metro Manila. I’ve just viewed its actual pageant when the internet rose up especially You Tube and I was so impressed that our country Philippines though wasn’t able to bag the Miss Universe 1994 crown was very successful to host such big Internationally acclaimed even the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant.

  3. Miss Universe 1994 was the reason why I fell in love with Miss Universe Pageant,it’s so memorable for so many reasons……..
    1.The way ABS-CBN promoted it, I remember those trivial advertisements,like how Gloria Diaz aced the Q/A in 1969,how Margie Moran stood out in Athens,the protest against Jannelle Commissiong and the late Armi Kuusela who fell in love with a filipino.
    2.That memorable ‘Hello Philippines Mabuhay” themesong.
    3.The so controversial Best in National Costume Award.
    4.The intermission # of Phoebo Bryson singing together with Dayanarra Torres,..A Whole New World.
    5.The beautiful sarong during the swimsuit competition.
    6.The expensive gown of Miss Italy.
    7.The witty Charlene counting the islands of thePhilippines.
    8.The ridiculous hairdo of Miss Greece.
    9.The elegance of Minorka.
    10.The tunnel-size mouth of Sushmita when she heard that she’s the new MU.
    11.The stretchmarks of Michelle van Eimeren
    12.The pubic hair of Sushmita waving during the press presentation.
    and from then on,filipinos proved to be the greatest fans of beauty pageant in the universe!

  4. Wow! Carolina’s still a goddess! She’s one of the most gracious 1st runner-ups I’ve ever seen when she didn’t win the crown! She was so happy for Miss India!

    I was nine back then but I remember the vendors outside of our school selling the pictures of the contestants! Everyone was talking about it as well! šŸ™‚ Plus, I kinda remember the themesong “hello Philippines Mabuhay!” until I was able to watch it in whole eventually.

    I remember my first time watching the whole 1994 pageant, I was so impressed with Charlene’s communication skills! She was very articulate but she’s not the prettiest If I’m being honest – but I think she deserved her placement during the pageant.

    Oh and the opening! It was one of the best!!!

    • A really good opening, I must agree. With the relatively small stage of the PICC, the production people were able to make it look big.

      • koyang norms, who can forget that memorable gown that carolina wore on the finals of 1994 ms univ. i think it garnered the highest score in any eg competetion in ms univ history. i remember i told my mananahing nanay to make the same gown for me to wear the following year flores de mayo. bonggalicious akish sa baranggay namin sa suot kong carolina gomez inspired gown….haay, ang julakish na ng anak ni mommy carolina pero gwapisima pa rin ang hitad. sana makasungkit akish ng hawig nyang colombiano. haaay kay guapong hombre!!!!!

  5. Oh yes….. RIP Vivieka Babaji (Miss Mauritius 1994)….. and Deborah Henry (Miss Malaysia 2011) are very much look-a-like. (Miss Dominican Republic 1994) Vielka Valenzuela is very much alive in Miami with Univision Latin Network.

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