8 comments on “Dianne Dreyfus: BBP’s loss? MPE’s gain?

  1. Let’s see her for the coming days…you can’t tell,maybe she’s a surprise candidate…she’s beautiful but MPE is not about beauty…Athena was a proof…

  2. Norman, Krista Kleiner tweeted this… “In Bb. Pilipinas, the standard of beauty is definite because Stella defines it!” hahaha!!! Amen! She’s so dirty. Trust me… Any comment about it?

    • SMA is the hand that rocks the cradle. She heads BPCI. For as long as she is in command of the pageant, she calls the shots no matter what.

  3. She could have been a pleasant addition had she joined Bb. But me thinks she would have only made top 12 there at best. In a MPE tv guesting, she came unprepared but at least was honest that she did not know about the environmental problems associated with mining but promised she will research about it. I think she was proceed to join MPE by friend Sandra Seifert, a former MPE titleholder. Dreyfus incidentally is brand model for Seifert’s and pasr Bb. World titleholder’s swimsuit line.

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