18 comments on “Meet the (many) Candidates of Miss Philippines Earth 2012

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  2. Best Western Premier F1 Hotel is the Official Residence of Ms. Philippines Earth 2012.FYI

  3. The girl who caught my attention is Princess Manzon from Cebu…she’s pretty…hope she’s smart too…

  4. I am surprised to see Kathleen Subijano’s snapshot here. I am of the impression that her foray into beauty contests was out of curiousity and that her stint last year with bb pilipinas was her first and last. I guess she’s bitten by the beauty contest bug. She does look hotter this time around so I am wishing her the best.

  5. Kuya Norman Jonas Gaffud tweeted that Janine’s victory is the 8th BP.Universe title for the aces and queens.Who are the other ladies aside from Janine,Shamcey,Venus and Jennifer?

      • it’s almost 8-straight year if aces and queens got the universe title in 2009.
        Anyways,in that year they got BP.World.
        Kuya Norms, you should start doing that business/passion,establish a camp,train wanna-be beauty queens.

      • Yes and No are my answers. Yes, because I know I can do it. No, because I’m not 100% ready to abandon everything I’m doing right now. 🙂

      • How I wish you can say 100% yes, I know you will do excel in this field, and I’ll be happier if I will get a chance to work for you,kahit taga-check lang ng attendance. hehehe

        Btw,kuya norms,what is your current work? are you the ceo of Guidotti Imports?

      • San galing tong Guidotti Imports? 🙂 Anyways, I manage a Human Resource Services company here in Makati. Family business so I am part owner.

      • Thanks for the vote of confidence, Basil. It could happen in the future. How soon I still wouldn’t know.

      • Please Kua Norman do it in your lifetime, you really have an eye for a beauty. I know it’s one of your dreams, do it Kuya Norman,wag mong intaying maging kaedad mo pa si pitoy!
        Guidotti Imports is the company owned by Dawn Zulueta in Walang Hanggan Teleserye.

      • It should happen in my lifetime, Basil. Sorry hindi ako familiar sa Guidotti. I don’t get to watch teleseryes lately. The only shows I religiously follow are Junior Masterchef Australia and Project Runway Philippines during Sundays. Magkasabay pa so I switch channels like crazy. 🙂

  6. With those photoshopped headshots, it’ll be unjust to choose. One can have a beautiful face,but how about the body? one can be perfectly sexy and gorgeous but intellectually empty.
    MPE is an intellect contest rather than a beauty contest. They purely rely on the candidates’ final Q/A performance.
    So making predictions and hot picks on this bunch of ladies will just be a waste of time.
    Let’s just give the job to Cathy Untalan, who by the way is the fairy god mother of Athena Imperial. Miss Untalan should be the next COMELEC Commissioner,she’s so good in ballot manipulation.

  7. I’m liking…
    Krystal Alonday-Paombong
    Diane Dreyfus-Bacolod City
    Zandra Flores-Manaoag,Pangasinan
    Roxanne Corluy-Belgium Fil. community
    Glenna Duch

    Hmmm…Diane Dreyfus?Let’s see if this girl can follow the footsteps of Sandra Seifert and Maggie Wilson…She can exceed definitely.She’s working at Solara,co-owned by two Bacoleñas…gogogo Bacolod..biased?hahaha

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