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  1. Kuya Norman, what’s the real height of Janine? It seems that MJ and Janine are of the same height. It’s evident in every pictures where they are standing next to each other..

    • Honestly, I think it’s 5’8″. She is still fractions of an inch taller than Shamcey who is 5’7 1/4″. MJ is almost 5’7″ but she always wears platform heels, whereas JT prefers ordinary heels.

      • How is Janine doing so far?The girls on the vid are really way ahead in terms of killer looks and bodies.I’m all for JT’s pretty face but her body is really screaming workout!Or maybe even some drastic medical intervention in Colombia can help like what they did for this plain-looking beauty queen turned TV actress.JT is beautiful,alright but even in angle that could’ve covered the flabs on cam is pretty much obvious.Gee,she should take a good look from that Bicolana girl competing for Supra this year who is already on top of her game.Best of luck,JT!

      • I’m sure Janine will be in tiptop shape come November when she finally leaves for wherever the venue of Miss Universe 2012 will be. 😉

    • they all have bodies to die for! those curves! JANINE! You have to trim down! Utang na loob! Paturo ka sa trainer ni MJ!

  2. I noticed that most of Janine’s supporters would say, “transform, improve, get in shape, prepare…” This may imply that many believe that Janine is not yet that ready to compete in Miss Universe pageant. Unlike for instance to what happened to Gwendoline, Miss World first princess, when she won Miss World Philippines, she was ready and prepared to compete the next day. These “encouraging” words mentioned have put additional pressures to Janine. Let us hope and pray that Janine could bear all these expectations and pressures around so that she could gracefully walk on the next edition of Miss Universe.

  3. Janine needs a 360* transformation, she reminds me of Laury Thilleman, Miss France 2011.
    Goodluck Janine,make us proud,one thing is for sure true in a beauty pageant,most of the time the most unlikely winner is being proclaimed. And for Janine. I hope this line will benefit her come the Miss Universe!

  4. kailangan may wow factor pag sa gown at kailangan na universal ung sagot meaning hindi self centered o naka sentro sa isang nation…

  5. Is there a luck with this sequence…? QRS and T?
    If Janine will place in Miss Universe this year,a queue of girls with surname U in 2013?

  6. For sure a dramatic make over for her by December. I can feel her pressure after
    Venus’ and Shamcey’s Top 5 placements. One good thing about Janine is that like her two immediate Bb predecessors, she too is a determined and fierce competitor. Go for the gold Janine!

  7. PS: The last three reps for the Universe contest, including this one, definitely embodies the diversity of Filipina beauty…stay away from traditional and stereotypical “Asian” reps. Filipinas, unlike other Asian nations, DO NOT have one homegrown “look”…Embrace it!

  8. Holy Cow! EXCELLENT choice Philippines! Looks like a third straight top five at the Miss Universe contest…Eventually those pinhead judges at the Miss Universe contest, finally get the fact, that the best answer is also the right answer! The last two beautiful Filipina reps, BOTH, had the best answers but unfortunately not the right “politically correct” answers! Props to the Filipino judges!

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