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  1. May I suggest to the BPCI to correct the wrong pointers they gave out during the pre-pageant and coronation nights.

    To paraphrase the collective pointers of a celebrity host and past Binibining Pilipinas winners, “There are no wrong answers.”

    Of course, there are: If the contestant does not answer the question that is being asked, that will definitely be a wrong answer. 😀

    I hope BPCI (and other pageants) will train future contestants to answer the question (and only the question) being asked by a judge. If the Judge asks “what”, then the contestant must supply a definite answer. If the judge asks “if” or “given the chance”, then the contestant must provide an answer which reflects her wise choice.

    I hope BPCI will also make their contenders watch years of valuable footage from past pageants and Q&As. Make contestants answer past pageant questions everyday as mental training – after all, their international pageants are usually months away. 😀

  2. For those who wants to substantiate their claims regarding the placements and non-placements, just watch this video of 2nd Runner-Up Ali Forbes, and you’ll realize that indeed there was “something fishy” going on that night. She was given a second chance to answer the same question and still failed to deliver, her original Q&A was not shown on TV.

    • In fairness to her, he question that came in the second time around was way clearer than the first time it was asked. I also didn’t quite understand the gentleman on that part so the repeat. But sadly, Ms. Forbes still failed to get it right. Yeah, maybe she’s not really abreast with social media, that or it must be really deadly to be on that stage that we forget everything. Well, It’s mind-boggling that her spot wasn’t given to somebody who did better from the start all the way to the Q & A. On second thought, what could be more jaw-dropping if she snatched the Universe title? 🙂

    • i think she speaks Japanese (may have been an OFW once) … i don’t think she meant ‘ano’ as in the Filipino ‘what’, she was using the Japanese expression ‘ano’

  3. Beauty Pageant: What’s The Real Score?

    In the real world, between beauty and intelligence, I choose intelligence. But in the other world called pageantry, I think one must first be beautiful before one should be pressured to be intelligent. In the first place, a beauty pageant is nothing like the International Public Speaking Competition wherein the winner is expected to be as great a speaker as Patricia Evangelista.

    Our country has tried sending out to the Miss Universe pageant delegates who were academically great speakers, but how far did they go? They came home empty-handed, disappointing most of us who relied solely on their gift of gab. Lucky are those who exude both beauty and brains, and I admire Miss Universe 2000 Lara Dutta and Miss Asia-Pacific 1993 Michelle Aldana for displaying such in pageantry (via their respective competitions) and also in real life.

    There are a lot of factors to be reckoned with the question-and-answer portion of any beauty contest. More often, dear, it’s not just what she says, it’s how she says it… The answer per se is just one of the myriad components that the judges will be looking for. To rock the Q-&-A round, the candidate must have grace under pressure, which includes her eye movement or supple attentiveness while listening to the question, the way she holds the microphone while giving her answer, how she’s able to maintain her charm both in the middle of her answer and in front of the audience and the judges, her proper posture, et cetera.

    During the recently concluded Binibining Pilipinas 2012 coronation night at the Smart Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City, I kept my fingers crossed for some of the candidates that I was rooting for. Mentally, I graded them according to my personal judging criteria stated above, so I didn’t care much about the content of their answers, for the girls were given only a crazy 20 seconds to answer the question. I could tell which of the girls gave canned answers, and while I admired their effort, they had my thumbs down for sounding too rehearsed and looking so mechanical.

    As expected, Nicole Schmitz and Katrina Jayne Dimaranan stood out as the most articulate, even if I couldn’t decipher all of their answers, because the supporters’s applause seemed to be competing with their candidates’s articulation, and honestly, I was busy harboring homoerotic fantasies over the irresistibly hot host, Xian Lim. He’s neat and clean, and so it’s impossible not to fantasize over his lips locked with mine, let alone sing “… I’d risk my life to feel his body next to mine…,” and so on.

    I can’t remember what exactly she said, but right after Patricia Lae Ejercitado said her piece in response to the question, I was impressed and wished I could run up to the stage and congratulate her on proving her bashers wrong. And no matter what some people keep saying, I think Janine Tugonon fared well during the question-and-answer, and I admired her that evening for choosing to be honest versus to be politically correct.

  4. Janine, with her exotic Filipina look is alright but she’s kinda plump; so I just hope that she wouldn’t look on the heavier side come December. Whoa, I was blown by Elaine Moll that night—she wasn’t only beautiful, she also exuded class. Too bad she only managed to reach the first-runner up spot. By the way, Moll is Bicolana (as her data says in the Bb.Pilipinas website) so it’s not really a shutout for Bicol with the fierce Jaine Hidalgo and regal-looking Roxanne Jesalva fading out from the scene too soon. Well, I still have high hopes for Jesalva making the cut in a year or two; afterall she’s only 18 and to compete with older and more experienced beauties is really a tough job. Well, it’s anybody’s ballgame so congratulations to the winners and may you make the Philippines proud once more in your respective competitions abroad.

    • Elaine Moll would have been the token Bicolana among the winners, but she keeps on stating that she is representing Northern Samar.

      • I first saw how lovely Elaine Moll was, and still is, during last year’s Miss World-Philippines where she represented Bicol. Anyway, maybe if she elaborated her already strong point during the Q & A even if fired late, she could’ve edged out somebody from the Top 3. Moll was simply arresting and queenly in blue; she pulled an instant upset because I found her quite reluctant in the preliminaries, don’t you think so? 🙂

    • A 1st runner-up placement is a bleesing in disguise,at least she can still join. Ellaine’s beauty is a Miss Universe beauty, I would’nt be happy seeing Ellaine settling in a second-tier pageant.

  5. Kuya Norms, I’ve read a thread regarding Ali Forbes’ and Lizl Alcantara’s edited Q/A. In Ali’s case,the question is about “social media’s advantages. Ali heard “social maniac” instead of social media. And on second chance of answering,she heard advantages instead of diasadvantages. While on Lizl’s case, she heard the word ‘ugliness’ instead of happiness.

    Dapat kasi twice binabasa ang tanong,kahit naman ako di ko rin naintindihan un french judge. Bakit ba naman kasi puro dignitaries at ceo’s ang mga judges. Dapat mga previous title-holders na lang ang mga judges.

  6. BPCI should always consider the Miss Universe Organization as a business entity.
    The Miss Universe contestants are job applicants for Mr. Donald Trump.

    Answers leaning toward religion, or certain beliefs may indeed reflect some stability and strength of character, but it may also ‘scream’ intransigence or stubbornness at your future bosses.
    Miss Universe is going to be a year-long job contract, so they’re not only going to get a ttileholder who is beautiful & intelligent, she must also possess the right ATTITUDE.

    BPCI coaches MUST advise their pageant contenders to avoid these types of Q&A repies.
    Especially Janine Tugonon, who comes across as a bit too bossy and know-it-all.
    It’s all about perception – it’s a job application for Mr Trump.

    • Concordo com seus pontos jmgonzales e Norman. que ambos são muito atento e tem um grande senso de paixão no mundo espetáculo! Eu adoro ler todos os vossos comentários e eu gosto!

      Here’s the literal translation of Lxr’s reply (c/o babel):

      “I agree to its points jmgonzales and Norman. how both are very intent and have a great sense of passion in the world spectacle! I adore to read all your commentaries and I like!”


    • You are right. Examples of top 5 Miss Universe candidates who mentioned “God” in their Q&A response that were relegated to runner-up positions include Miss Jamaica in 2010, and Shamcey in 2011. MUO is “repelled” by overt religiosity — it goes against their BRAND. They would like their Miss Universe to have a liberal and progressive attitude with a global outlook. However, a candidate can still express her faith and spirituality provided she couches her language carefully and with sensitivity for people of other faiths. I hope BPCI coaches Janine accordingly.

      • Janine comes from the University of Santo Tomas, the country’s premiere Catholic university. She spent years under the care of the Dominican fathers. So it really cannot be avoided that she become a God-fearing person. She is just being true to herself, her upbringing and her native culture (the Philippines being a highly religious country) when she mentioned God in her answers.

      • ” However, a candidate can still express her faith and spirituality provided she couches her language carefully and with sensitivity for people of other faiths.”
        very nicely put

        thank you to Norman for giving us space to discuss our views on pageants, and how we can improve our chances 😀

  7. She needs a major-major transformation. I can see some semblance with Viviana Ortiz of Puerto Rico last year. If she was to stand beside Irene Esser, this year’s Miss Venezuela, she would look old tho..

  8. i think janine needed a lot of time to polish to be perfect for intl pageant,, exotic looks could be notice..her height was a big advantages at 5’9.. her gown is terrible..,, parang gown na sinusuot sa sagala sa province,, they said para siang miriam quiambao?? i dont think so.. miriam has a very charming face… ,, i heard janine had nose job before,,, check it..lol

  9. Candidate Tugonon must learn a thing or two from Candidate #13 Katrina Jayne Dimaranan when it comes to projecting that inner ‘landi’ 😀

    Tugonon is quite D R Y 😀

    Tugonon seems to be thinking through her final answer even during the swimsuit and evening gown segments. (i mean this isn’t the point when we’re supposed to come up with Miss Know-It-All-types – BPCI will be celebrating its 50th next year !) 😀

  10. Janine needs a trainer than can bring her curves out and tone her thighs. Also, even though english is her forte, she needs to improve on her diction and enunciation. She needs to pause in between thoughts, and needs to work on the proper stressing/accenting of words. Otherwise, I think she will do well in Miss Universe pageant.

  11. Marc nelson instead of Xian Lim…So lousy!Hindi naman pwede si Raymond Gutierrez kasi nasa kabila at kung sya man baka rarampa din at kakabugin ang mga kandidata..hehe

  12. First, I would like to start by saying that I am very happy with the result. Janine and Katrina were both my bets for Bb. Pilipinas-Universe; and Nicole for Bb. Pilipinas-International.

    But based on last night’s performance alone, I didn’t think that Janine would have placed at all. I liked her in the swimsuit, but I didn’t like her gown; it was one of the worst gowns of the night. Her Q&A wasn’t great either. I don’t know how she pulled it off at the end; perhaps she was ranked 3rd, and was given the universe title based on BPCI’s recommendations. (I put Nicole 1, and Katrina 2). But I see a lot of potentials in her, and I am hoping that BPCI will do a great job transforming her. (Her gown choice is still a big disappointment; it makes you doubt her sense of style.).

    It appears to me that the Q&A part of the pageant has not much weight anymore as it previously had. For me, Patricia gave the best answer, she was very collected, direct, and was very sincere. MJ was ok, but she sounded vague, and rehearsed, and so as many of the girls on top 12. There was really no clear stand-out based on the Q&A, that’s probably why we it didn’t seem to matter much this year. (Remember Anna Theresa Licaros?!)

  13. i dunno if abs-cbn showed it in their delayed telecast, SMA and Conchitina Bernardo nearly stood up in anger (or protest) when host Xian LIm allowed contestant #16 to answer she misheard (i.e, she heard ‘how do you define the Philippines?’ as to the real question ‘how do you define happiness?’

    Poor Xian, i guess the director had to guide and coach him more than the female hosts because he was supposed to carry the show up to the end. He had to be coached on the importance of titles. He had to be coached on the importance of repartee … on the importance of keeping the audience’s spirits up during lull moments of taping live … etc. The director et al should have given him more than the usual hosting pointers compared to the female hosts, who all have had previous hosting chores.

    Iza Calzado was quite a perfectionist; she was rehearsing her lines during breaks, and she almost never peeked at her cue cards. Venus was so stunning in person, she drowned out the mestiza features of Georgina. Kudos to Venus for her successful transition to TV hosting.

    • ABS CBN was banking on Xian’s rising popularity as matinee idol, expecting that he would earn more brownie points hosting BbP. But they never prepared him for the actual demands of the job in between takes. Sure, he can speak English better than their Jake Cuenca, Jericho Rosales and Coco Martin. That wasn’t enough. They should’ve gotten someone like Rovilson Fernandez who may not be popular, but would be able to effortlessly ad-lib his way if needed.

      • yup 😀 i agree that Xian was prepared mostly in his mind – i.e. they didn’t prepare him for the unexpected, which is commonplace in pageants 😀

      • The guy wants to be popular but is clearly iffy about mingling with the masses. I was at the supermarket last weekend and the cashiers told me that he made a quick appearance for Myra -E lotion. Xian was allegedly distancing himself from the crowds and avoided being touched or babaw-hugged by fans.

  14. How about Georgina Wilson’s mishpa that caused ABS_CBN to edit majority of her spiels, since she kept mentioning “Bb. Pilipinas” as “Bb. Pill-a-Penis”? Hahaha!

    • Oh yasper, I couldn’t include that thing here anymore. It’s just so….eeewww for a big night. And they weren’t part of the telecast anyway. Even the origins of the edited replies of some of the girls during the Q&A.

      • So Mr. Norman, these claims are all true? Sayang, I wasn’t able to watch in Araneta…

        Bb. Pilipinas 2012 Censorship

        The delayed telecast of the pageant prompted the ABS-CBN network to edit many of the spiels made particularly by co-host Georgina Wilson, after much criticism over her pronunciation of the term “Pilipinas” as “Pill-a-Penis”. Such gesture was expressed so as to avoid public scrutiny as well as sanctions that can be given by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board of the Philippines over the said incident. Wilson is said to be on probation. In the live coverage, many of the audience members (which composed of prominent figures in the country such as celebrities, businessmen, politicians, pageant fans and supporters, as well as the other beauty queens) were seen giggling and laughing each time Wilson spoke of the controversial word. The reactions of the crowd were also removed from the television broadcast.

        Also, the miscalculation of the length of the performances by vocalists Arnel Pineda and Bamboo Mañalac to the duration of the candidates’ evening gown presentation caused the telecast to cut the ending of the two vocalists’ performances.

        Unknown to the viewers who watched the pageant on television, semi-finalists Liezl Alcantara and Annalie Forbes failed to answer their respective questions when they were asked by the judges for the first time. Since Alcantara and Forbes failed to utter a decent response by the time the bell (which serves as a marker to stop answering) rang, both semi-finalists were given a second chance to redeem themselves in answering their respective questions. It was on their second chance of answering the questions that was aired in the delayed telecast, with their initial failure to answer the questions completely omitted. This is probably the reason why pageant judge and former Congresswoman Riza Hontiveros asked the question in both English and Tagalog. Hontiveros also asked the delegate (which was candidate Gina Joy Howell) to answer freely in the language she is most comfortable with, to avoid the mishap that had happened earlier with previous contestants.happened earlier with previous contestants.Hontiveros asked the question in both English and Tagalog. Hontiveros also asked the delegate (which was candidate Gina Joy Howell) to answer freely in the language she is most comfortable with, to avoid the mishap that had happened earlier with previous contestants.

      • Very true. And the network won’t deny it because there was a coliseum full of witnesses to prove the same.

  15. OMG! Ellaine Moll was such a surprise lat night, she’s stunning,the way she walked, she reminds me of leila lopes, she’s my bet for BPU,with a towering height of 5’10,it’s hard not to notice her.
    But results are results.there’s nothing we can do but to accept it and support the winners.
    Rumors are true that the Bb.Pilipinas-Universe tite is resreved for Janine,it was prie last night,inspite of a trash gown,and a so-so answer,she made it. Nicole deserves the Intl’l title as well as Kathrina.

    To my favorite Patricia,there’s nothing to be ashamed,you are at the best form lasght,even the Q/A w/c we doubted that you will be at struggle, you nailed it Pat, I’m so proud you. Maybe it’s really the height and the bubbliness that are missing.

    To MJ, I’m right at my prediction that you will not reach the top5, but I must salute you last night,you are stunning. Try the MWP,you will shine there,definitely.

    To Golda Soller, job well done,sometimes it’s not just winning,but it’s the experience and friendship.

    To Janine, I know that you are a gem,polishing will make you shine brighter,here’s something in you that captured the eyes of the judges. Make us proud Janine,soar high!

  16. Binibini themesong was not sang, I was waiting for it.
    Xian was such a disaster,same with Venus. Georgina is really stunning and also Izza,classic beauties.
    The Gowns were terrible,I saw those gowns in Divisoria.
    Choice of songs during Evening Gown competition was such a trash.
    As usual the judges are dignitaries and ceo’s who have no knowledge at all on the standards of int’l pageants.
    I’m not happy with the results. But it’s official,all we can do is to move on and support them..

    Janine, Janine…muntik ng maging janina!

  17. I think Janine should be packaged as Miriam Quiambao 2.0. Venus had that exotic face and rare x-factor. Shamcey had a gorgeous face and a signature walk.

    In order for the arguably Plain Jane Janine to stand out, she must rekindle Quiambao’s signature poise and elegance that made her the 1st runner-up during her time. Quimbao’s downfall was her communication skills, the very skills that made Janine a stand-out. They already look similar at first glance. Packaged right, I think we might have an actual shot at the crown. I’m not 100% betting on it, though.

    • Oh my, Cee, I completely forgot about that! True! After Miss Universe placers Miriam Quiambao, Venus Raj and Shamcey Supsup, here comes Janine Tugonon! 🙂

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