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    • Mrs. Brightside, her armpits look a little dark (probably due to years as an athlete/basketball player) but I can assure you that they are shaven. The picture you’re referring to was taken during Coronation Night last April. She wouldn’t be caught dead with unsightly hairs in that area, especially not on an important event like this. 😉

  1. karen gallman is the prettiest of them ol!! i think thats why she did not tell the ryt answer because it is her first tym to enter a beauty competition and in trurh shes very smart.. shes just nervous……

  2. Beauty Pageant: What’s The Real Score?

    In the real world, between beauty and intelligence, I choose intelligence. But in the other world called pageantry, I think one must first be beautiful before one should be pressured to be intelligent. In the first place, a beauty pageant is nothing like the International Public Speaking Competition wherein the winner is expected to be as great a speaker as Patricia Evangelista.

    Our country has tried sending out to the Miss Universe pageant delegates who were academically great speakers, but how far did they go? They came home empty-handed, disappointing most of us who relied solely on their gift of gab. Lucky are those who exude both beauty and brains, and I admire Miss Universe 2000 Lara Dutta and Miss Asia-Pacific 1993 Michelle Aldana for displaying such in pageantry (via their respective competitions) and also in real life.

    There are a lot of factors to be reckoned with the question-and-answer portion of any beauty contest. More often, dear, it’s not just what she says, it’s how she says it… The answer per se is just one of the myriad components that the judges will be looking for. To rock the Q-&-A round, the candidate must have grace under pressure, which includes her eye movement or supple attentiveness while listening to the question, the way she holds the microphone while giving her answer, how she’s able to maintain her charm both in the middle of her answer and in front of the audience and the judges, her proper posture, et cetera.

    During the recently concluded Binibining Pilipinas 2012 coronation night at the Smart Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City, I kept my fingers crossed for some of the candidates that I was rooting for. Mentally, I graded them according to my personal judging criteria stated above, so I didn’t care much about the content of their answers, for the girls were given only a crazy 20 seconds to answer the question. I could tell which of the girls gave canned answers, and while I admired their effort, they had my thumbs down for sounding too rehearsed and looking so mechanical.

    As expected, Nicole Schmitz and Katrina Jayne Dimaranan stood out as the most articulate, even if I couldn’t decipher all of their answers, because the supporters’s applause seemed to be competing with their candidates’s articulation, and honestly, I was busy harboring homoerotic fantasies over the irresistibly hot host, Xian Lim. He’s neat and clean, and so it’s impossible not to fantasize over his lips locked with mine, let alone sing “… I’d risk my life to feel his body next to mine…,” and so on.

    I can’t remember what exactly she said, but right after Patricia Lae Ejercitado said her piece in response to the question, I was impressed and wished I could run up to the stage and congratulate her on proving her bashers wrong. And no matter what some people keep saying, I think Janine Tugonon fared well during the question-and-answer, and I admired her that evening for choosing to be honest versus to be politically correct.

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  4. MJ, Nicole and Janine are my top3 bets before the pageant started, didn’t expect dear MJ to go unplace, I hope she gets the chance to represent the country.

    To Janine, Nicole and Katrina – goodluck! c:

  5. JANINE? Seriously she is so ugly!!!! She looks Indian and what’s wrong with one of her eyes it’s smaller than the other. If she wins and represents the Philippines we minus will give up now because Philippines will lose for sure. Katrina was my bet and she will always be. She is smart and beautiful. And everything on her and about her is real. I don’t get why everyone on other websites talk shit about her not being worthy of a queen when all they know is the Trina on television . I’ve known her for sometime now and I’ll tell you she’s the sweetest most loving person ever. Great voice speaks clear and very proudly and beauty. She’s intelligent and bother her eyes are the same size. So whoever says Janine you guys are blind!!!! She is not beautiful at all!!!

  6. Now I have lesson that I’ve learned from Norman Blog 101…. that RU of the precedent year, history repeat itself…. in the case of Diane necio and now Janine Togonon. As I said before…. JANINE TUGONON has a mission for her comeback this year. She is well deserving…and all the top 4….. Those make-up of Janine and Elaine…. that’s the way they should be when they compete for their International arena….

    I thought the same for MJ Lastimosa… but fate was not so kind to MJ… As she looks so much pressured, tired and haggard, BOTH PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY! And now MJ can relax with her FAMILY….. 2 years in a row…. that her FAMILY WAS NOT IN SMART to support her morally. And all she got LAST YEAR AND LAST NIGHT…. were the roaring cheerings from people whom she never met in her life!

    And we should also give credit to BOY ABUNDA for some speech lessons and polishments with Q&A…. Nagulat ako…. mas marunong pa pala mag ENGLISH yung mga local beauties, than these BALIKBAYAN on the FINAL night. ( Katrina and Karen… nag mental block yata sila so nahirapan mag convey). Kasi sa Roads to BP videos….. akala ko hindi marunong mag English yung mga mukhang Asianas….. sila pala ang mas relax sa Q&A!

    For the newly crowned beauties…. Janine, Nicole S. and Katrina…plus Elaine……. sa simula pa lang well deserving na kayo!

    • P.S…….. Those gowns worn by the candidates… were far off better than in previous BP…..

  7. I was hoping the number 26 and number 30 will something. Sad to think that they didn’t due to favoritism. I think that the first runner up doesn’t deserve the title. She kept saying umm. This is my opinion. The Bb. Pilipinas Universe was good:)

  8. saw the pics on the net and boy, ms phil 2012’s body is plumped. A lot of work to do eh!?

    • She’s got her work cut out for her. Anyways, the Miss U won’t be until December so plenty of time to shape up for it. 😉

      • Hi Norman,

        I was watching TV Patrol this evening and the reporter mentioned that the Miss Universe will be held in Florida at around October and Miss International back in Japan – I’m hoping it’s true because there are also a lot of Filipinos in Florida who could support Janine and Nicole’s chances if the MI will be held in Japan would increase tremendously – probably, 101%!

  9. OMG! Ellaine Moll was such a surprise lat night, she’s stunning,the way she walked, she reminds me of leila lopes, she’s my bet for BPU,with a towering height of 5’10,it’s hard not to notice her.
    But results are results.there’s nothing we can do but to accept it and support the winners.
    Rumors are true that the Bb.Pilipinas-Universe tite is resreved for Janine,it was prie last night,inspite of a trash gown,and a so-so answer,she made it. Nicole deserves the Intl’l title as well as Kathrina.

    To my favorite Patricia,there’s nothing to be ashamed,you are at the best form lasght,even the Q/A w/c we doubted that you will be at struggle, you nailed it Pat, I’m so proud you. Maybe it’s really the height and the bubbliness that are missing.

    To MJ, I’m right at my prediction that you will not reach the top5, but I must salute you last night,you are stunning. Try the MWP,you will shine there,definitely.

    To Golda Soller, job well done,sometimes it’s not just winning,but it’s the experience and friendship.

    To Janine, I know that you are a gem,polishing will make you shine brighter,here’s something in you that captured the eyes of the judges. Make us proud Janine,soar high!

  10. Janine isn’t bad.. But I was actually hoping Nicole S. to be sent for Miss U..I also felt bad for MJ..U thought she was a frontrunner.

  11. Congratulations to her… But she’s very very mediocare. Plain jane. No “it” factor… I wouldn’t notice her in a crowd. Her presence if average. Her walk is average. And he answer was terrible… I really really hope she use a translator for Miss Universe… My top bets was MJ Lastimosa, Patricia Ejerticado and Nicole Schmitz (though I don’t think her last name represents Filipinos well – very European). Overall, I’m happy for her. But very disappointed with the results. Literally.

  12. A lot of people doesn’t seem to favor Janine. That is GOOD. Just like Shamcey, Janine would be motivated to prove her detractors wrong. True, she might need to work a tad harder than Supsup because let’s face it, she’s facially inferior in between the two. I think Janine only needs to lose some weight and gain some curves. Voila! A true-blue Filipina archetype right there!

  13. wait na lang teo sa ms.international.. for nicole,, i bet her for ms.universe if not mj.. janine will do a lot of effort to be finalist in ms.universe 2012… i dont have any hope for ms.universe phil this year…,, i think among asian delegates ms.malaysia will notice…,,,

  14. I am very satisfied with the result…. The 3 of them are very deserving and Elaine Mohl.

  15. Kuya! Overall, I am happy with the results. Although, I didn’t place JANINE TUGONON placing as Miss Universe. I was betting on Nicole for a spot in the top 3. I’m happy she will be representing PI period. I just wished Sherlyn placed higher for Tourism. I will support Janine and hope her transformation will be put in good use the crucial months ahead. Mabuhay PI!

  16. I always reserve my comments about the winners until I see their transformation. I held my reservations about Shamcey until I saw her transformation and then I became a 100% supporter. Right now, I’m on the fence about Janine and will wait and see how she transforms. I’m disappointed that MJ got nothing. Very disappointed. Yet another wasted beauty by BPCI. Sigh… I have high hopes for Nicole. Miss International seems to be the perfect fit for her (if not MU). I hope that the judging in China with all the recent political cr*p that is going on between The Philippines and China will not affect the judging there like it did with Krista (truly my Miss International). Anyway, I support them all and I wish them all the best!!!

    • Yes MJ is a WASTED beauty,or should we say a WAISTED beauty.
      Btw,what’s your nickname? I’m just curious…hehe

  17. OMG! I actually waited for the winners after their press conference! Katrina and Nicole are really stunning! I was hoping that Nicole will be winning the Universe title but it seems that the talks about Janine being favored to win the said title was true. I mean, she didn’t even ace the Q & A, moreso during the first two segments, she was nowhere near excellent (that’s just me sharing my views though, I am not attacking her). Poor Ali Forbes, she was shaken by the judges questions but I was surprised that she ended-up winning 2nd runner-up. (I hope people won’t be so hard on her for winning 2nd runner-up because it’s not really her fault that she was favored by the judges over other candidates because I heard some people saying ” si 29 ligwak na ligwak nagplace pa rin ang kapal ng fes .” With Moll, she was okay-ish. I thought she was stunning last night. Mj’s one of the crowd’s favorite so its surprising that she didn’t win anything. Dimaranan was perfect in delivering her answers. She kinda reminds me of Krista Kleiner though it sounds almost rehearsed. And another OMG! She’s so skinny and stunning in person!!!!!!! I almost wished that she won the Universe title!!!! I was able to speak to Nicole’s relatives outside the Araneta Coliseum and they told me that her little sister is prepping up to join the Binibining Pilipinas in two years time since she’s only 16 now. They told me that she’s even prettier than Nicole and taller. I hope it’s true because if she’s like Nicole in every aspect plus if she’s a bit taller, then we’ll have our future Miss U delegate!

    Norman, do you think MJ would stil join the Binibini or another pageant perhaps? I mean, the girl should atleast have a chance to represent our country! She’s way stunning to be ignored this way! Anyways, I guess if it’s meant to be, it is to be. It was a bit heartbreaking for some of the contestants as I see them leaving the venue awhile ago.

    Lastly, Janine should or MUST have a SHAKEOVER 100% – I think at the end of the day, we should all support her – after all, she’s still representing our country. pero sabi nga, goodluck nalang sa atin! LOLS!

  18. Bakit hindi na-announce ang supranational?I selected four: Katrina,Nicole,Janine and Karen…But ooh-lala,3 of my favorites took the crowns…

  19. glad 2 of my bets landed in top 5…Dimaranan – Tourism, Moll – 1st RU…

  20. you guys seemed like you dont like the results?! Haha i wanna hear what my friend norman here has to say

  21. I couldn’t have agreed with you more. I think Nicole would do an amazing job at the miss universe pageant. You think favoritism took place here?

  22. No offense to Janine but I don’t think she even answered her question very well. I mean it had subject but no depth. I mean what can you say within 30 seconds lol. I was hoping either Patricia ejercitado or sherlyn gonzales to place as BBPU. I’m happy with Nicole’s placing, but even she answered her question better than Janine. Lol I say, out with the old and in with the new. What’s done is done. Good luck to them all.

  23. I tried so hard to find the pageant streaming online, but I am happy to be informed by you that Janine won Bb. Pilipinas Universe. (She was my bet, but I was getting really worried there, because she wasn’t getting the press that other leading contenders were getting.) Did they not announce a crowned title to the representative that will go to the Miss Supranational? Also, I expected MJ to place, but of course, I did not witness her performance at the pageant. Did she massively bomb her final question, or did she just not shine enough tonight?

    • There was no formal announcement for Miss Supranational, but there was loud talk at Araneta about it going to the 1st RU. MJ did not bomb, but her Q&A was vague, audibly delivered in English but short of what the judge was asking.

      • koyang norms, mabaliw baliw ako kanina habang watchung ang bb coronation. kabadong kabado akish habang hinihintay ang final announce ng winners at ng tawagin ang bet kong si janine taguntong…dyos ko nabalibag ko yata ang buong lamesa namin sal sala. galit na galit ang madurashka ko dahil naging violente na raw ako sa kakapanood ng binibini. i was not expecting janine to win nga dahil sa prediction mo pero sa kakadasal ko at kaka novena ko wagi pa rin siya. pagpunta rito ni janine para sa miss u. wag siyang mag aalala dahil full support akish sa kanya. pahihiramin ko siya ng mga gown ko para sa miss u competetion. alam kong vavagay sa kanya ang mga gowns ko dahil mag kasing katawan kami. dapat ngayon palang ay mag practice na akish para sa nalalapit kong paagsali sa bb pil 2013. ang sarap siguro ng feeling na makoronahan na bb pil univ from janine next year…..koyang paki check naman ang batting average mo sa analysis mo bukas….i told you so panalo si janine ko…luv u koyang….tsup tsup….xoxoxo mau aba imbiernakish xoxoxox (bb pil code name: maria beyonce supsup manalo, 25, guaguatemala, pampanga!)

      • Janine will be glad to get all the support. As for my predictions, I only got Nicole right. At least, the three titleholders are in my Top 5. 😉

      • Gloria Lawit-wit Ampatuan, congrats! nanalo ang manok mo!
        At dahil dyan ang saya saya mo,habang umiiyak naman ang mga maka-mj…

        Next year join ka ha,abangan kita kasi magjoin rin ako.
        Ang talent ko ay Balisong twirling,sorry na lang sa mga tatamaan,hindi ko sadya pag nasugatan sila..
        At sa Q/A,,,,,ay sisiw,..
        sasabihin ko lang ay no comment, because less talk is less mistake….
        akin ang korona,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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