8 comments on “Final Results of My Bb. Pilipinas 2012 Popularity Poll

  1. Kuya Norms, based sa trailer ng ABS-CBN, Bb.Pilipinas will air on Sunday at 9:15 PM. Is it true or again a false advertisement,.. 9:15 is the timeslot of PBB and afterwards is GGV,there is no announcement that PBB and GGV will not be aired.
    Please confirm this,if it’s true,then much better.

  2. The results represent the numbers of family members,relatives, kabarangay and kabayanihan who are all netizens and their peg is just to click and click each day to make sure that their chickens get enough frying.

  3. Norman — I wasn’t able to vote, but I’m happy to see Fer Balliquig and Jillean Orbina included in your poll’s 10 most popular candidates. Both have classically beautifull oriental facial features. Jillean especially has both the height and body proportions that would be the envy of potential candidates. I am curious to see how it will turn out for these two on coronation night. I wish them as well as the other candidates much luck.

    • Fer is indeed beautiful. It’s a pity she is being overshadowed by the stronger/more hyped candidates.

      • I’m sort of surprised that neither Katrina Dimaranan or Karen Gallman — both of whom are predicted to land a top 5 spot — didn’t receive enough votes in the poll. I guess the results reflect the online support base of those candidates who are on it.

      • As per my observation, the online fan base of both Trina and Karen are not as strong as the likes of Patricia, MJ or Nicole.

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