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  1. Norman — It is interesting to note that those who were best able to express themselves in these interviews — Katrina Dimaranan, Nicole Schmitz and Karen Gallman — were raised partly in English-speaking countries (U.S for Katrina; Australia for Nicole and Karen). Some of the girls like Gina Howell and Jaine Hidalgo also did great (and exceeded my expectations) in the interviews. As someone had already mentioned, two frontrunners — Patricia Ejerciitado and MJ Lastimosa — gave lackluster and disappointing interviews.

  2. Wow! The Primer was simply world class in the way it was done. Kudos to ABS CBN. Withouth a doubt Bb. Pilipinas leveld up not just once but many times over the other Philippine pageant competition when they chose ABS CBN as their media partner. This Philipinne media giant knows how to captivate the audience attention.

    My favorites to win after watching the primer special:

    Katrina Dimaranan – a cut above the rest. Arresting and head turning Pinay morena looks ( almost always a hit abroad!), sex oomph and appeal Commanding height ( 5’8″-5’9″). Her biggest advantage is her effectivity articulating her thoughts in a story like manner. Vibrant personality and fierce confidence If she aces everything on that Araneta stage come Sunday, the plum Bb. Pilipinas crown can be hers.

    Gina Joy Howell – reminds me of the Bb. Pilipinas glory queens of the 70s. Well bred, beautiful yet with an aura of sophistication reayd to conquer the world. Another of the more articulate ladies based on their primer show interviews. At 5’9″, height is truly might for Gina. Mestiza features would be perfect for Miss International.

    Roxane Joy Jesalva – although her primer interviews were a disaster, I think she stood out with her captivating beauty, height and form. San her lack of effective communication skills (which is not important at Miss International anyhow!) , I would place her for the Bb. Pilipinas International crown.

    Nicole Shmitz – I will have to give it to her for being prepared in this her second Bb. Pilipinas foray. She truly has matured from the last time and is ready to grab one of the plum crowns. While I do not see her as getting the more prestigious tltle of Bb. Pilipinas Universe, either the International or Tourism crowns would be the right fit in my opinion.

    Dark Horses:
    Janine Tugonon – I expect her to be in top 5. Very confident and came in this year’s competition extremely prepared thank to her stint and training as Bb. Pilipinas 2011 1st RU.

    Giselle Munoz – quaint Pinay looks and effective cimmunication skills. The spolier for any of the crowns.

    MJ Lastimosa – While oozing with sex appeal, her apparently weakness in communication skills were obvious from last night’s primer. Basic grammar mistakes and out of line stream of thoughts glaring enough to cost her winning a crown we’ve all seen in the primer. She has her work cut out for her and prove us wrong then . If not pray that the judges would be more forgiving if she commits those train of thought boo boos in the crucial Q&A this Sunday,

    Karen Gallman – if not for her petite frame, I would rank her higher for any of the three major crowns. Very photo/telegenic face. I would not worry about all those baby fat,. With BPCI and Golld Gym’s resident physical fitness trainor Jay Cuat’s(?) help, it’ll all be gone by the time she competes abroad.

    Patricia Ejerciitado – Another girl with the head turning morena looks. Im a bit aprehensive how she will do in interviews though. Question and answer seems to be her Achilles heel. Now if she would follow Czarina Gatbonton or Janina San Miguel’s lucky Bb. streak when judges and organizers turned the other way around by basing their wins on their physical beauty versus interview skills, then Pat would not be denied a crown.

    Overall, these year’s batch was a pleasant revelation. Initially I though they would be one of those lackluster batches we occasionally see here and then. I am impressed and mazed by how they were transformed in the last two months with the help of expert beauty/poise/interview facilitators provided to them by BPCI and ABS CBN. This yea’rs batch has truly empowered themselves as the modern Filipina woman ready to show the world that it’s more fun in the Philippines. Win or lose their Bb. Pilipinas experience and the friendships they’ve gain will carry them thru as they move on.

    Mabuhay all!

    • Ian — You’re right. Some of the girls actually exceeded my expectations.

    • MJ struggles in communication. Such is truly evident even if she is confident her slips and thoughts are all over. Over the year, she could have worked on her communication skills.

  3. Seems someone is forgotten here. Gina Joy Howell was one of the confident few who said their piece individually through the taped interview. Yes, Katrina Dimaranan’s voice was wonderful, but Gina’s modulation exuded confidence. Her position among the official candidates is safe, because she has a lot of everything: a pretty face, slender figure, smooth skin, 5-feet-9 height, class, and good articulation as what she showed during the Abs-Cbn special.
    I am proud of Nicole Schmitz because she’s very relaxed in her manner of talking. Regardless of some negative comments on Patricia Lae Ejercitado’s articulation, I am confident she will be awarded one of the crowns, because she’s physically fit and facially ready. The ability to answer a question can be honed through constant practice.

  4. I like the way abs-cbn promotes the binibini..
    nicole schmitz is a sure win(MU)..katrina dimaranan,karen gallman and janine tugonon for other crowns..
    Golda soller and mj lastimosa runners-up.

  5. Norman,

    I really like your take on the standouts of this competition. Nicole S, Nicole M, Kat D & I was pretty surprised with Sherlyn Gonzalez. Sherlyn’s interview was sincere and I admire her point by saying that being poor shouldn’t be a hindrance to success.. She said she found ways to support herself and was able to finish her education — which I thought was simple, honest and the content made sense. I wanted to like Orbina but I have to agree with you on this, she definitely lacks poise when she communicates..

    I have to say that for the rest of the girls, if they’re not comfortable expressing themselves in English, just speak in Tagalog — it comes off more natural and genuine but you must be poised! Of course, it is impressive when a Filipina delegate is fluent in English but what matters most is the CONTENT of your answers and how they are delivered and executed.

  6. Great observations Kuya Norms,. Truly,those who were raised abroad are the candidates who delivered fluency and wit. Nicole Schmitz is a natural speaker, Karen Gallman is so engaging, Kathrina Dimaranan is unbelievable,so smart and sounded too experinced at her age..Marable is also a revelation…Cecille Peter is also good.

    I’m disappointed with other ladies speaking in taglish,to think that it was a taped interview,so how much more during the live pageant.
    >Jessalva-maganda sana pero pag nagsalita na maaalala mo si janina,nasa pageant sya,pero yung word na “pageant” di nya mapronounce ng tama.
    >Patricia-as expected, kalevel lang ni gatbonton.
    >Forbes-proud to be a Bulakenya, sayang naman ang surname ,forbes kung forbes hindi naman makapag-ingles
    >Orbina-though she speaks mostly in tagalog,i felt her sincerity

    >Golda Soller-taglish? sayang naman,lagi ka pa namang binibida ni kuya norman.
    >Tugonon-as usual,rehearsed,by the book,wala kang maririnig sa kanya kundi ang words na pageant at title, wala manlang substance.

    MJ> ka level lang sya ni Marian Rivera..ang sabi ni Marian ” i’m a psychology”,
    ang sabi naman ni mj ” i’m a civil engineering”..ano ba yan? puro ka kasi work-out,mag english lesson ka teh..

    I’m sure to the rescue na naman ang mga maka-mj at maka-golda…better watch the video,…huling huli, i’m a civil engineering”

  7. nicole is the one…her exposure to different cultures is an advantage and it is very important if we aim to bring home the crown..kasi last year magaling talaga ung sagot ni shamcey kaya lang ung sagot nya hindi uneversal, dapat pag nasa ms. universe ka ang sagot no dapat universal hindi cultural…

  8. Nice review! I’m keen with self expression, ability to get one’s message across, command of the English language, etc.

  9. Norman (the pageant guru)…. I was also about to sleep at 11 p.m., when I found out from your blog (some 2 hours ago CA time)… that they have this VIDEO OF THE ROAD TO BBP 2012….. SO I STOPPED….LOOKED AND LISTENED….

    THIS IS IT….. I fell in love again with Katrina, and Karen and the 2 Nicole’s Marable and Schmitz are finally my top 4……

  10. While watching the primer, I had this feeling that binibini is going to have nicole as the winner (miss u).

    MJ and Patricia are a total disappointment. They have difficulty expressing their selves spontaneously kahit tagalog.

    Amazingly quite a number of girls speak good english.

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