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  1. I think Janine’s height is 5’7″ because when seen with Olivia (miss USA who is only 5’5″), Janine is only 2 inches taller at most. Also when you look at the photo above, if number 15 is 5’10”, she’s like two inches taller than number 16 and definitely not an inch taller like what was stated above. She looks 3-4 inches taller than Janine. So Janine might be 5’6″ or 5’7″ but definitely not 5’9″.

  2. The current Miss Philippines does not appear to be 5’9″. Some models and beauty queens get away with lying about their height because their body shapes are very proportionate. Janine appears shorter than 5’9″ in photos and will look very short next to some taller candidates. Note: some contestants will also round down and wear lower shoes so they don’t appear like monstrous giants- it is common for women over 6′ to register as 5’11” or 5’10”.

  3. miss universe is a pageant to promote women’s freedom and right, for me height doesn’t matter at all..i rather choose the brain of mia arcenas of this years bb. rather than thinking of janina san miguel’s era…

  4. Hi Norman! “Differing heights” is truly an annoying phenoma for me as a blogger. Someone tried to correct me on my blog regarding a contestant’s height, but I was using the height Bb. Pilipinas put in the Press Kit.

    It might not be so bad if it’s half an inch of a difference. Maybe even one inch is forgivable. Easier to forgive if it’s one inch higher. But more than that is just tooooo much.

    But since it is a common phenomena maybe we should just eyeball the girls (like what you did) and take it from there…

    • True, Joyce. It’s just confusing when some of the girls claim to be this tall and then look significantly shorter in person and then you see the press kits stating another thing. Oh well…

      • As far as I can remember, Binibini also measured Gwendoline Ruais as 6’1, but when she joined MWP she was listed as 5’11.
        Height is an essential detail in beauty pageant,so I think this concern must be taken seriously by those who are in-charge of measuring.

      • Norman — It is baffling to me at least as to why the BPCI is unable to accurately list the candidates’ heights. It doesn’t seem quite an impossible task to measure a person’s height and list it down accurately. The most brazen example of this is in the 2010 BP pageant when Czarina Gatbonton’s height was repeatedly listed and announced as 5’10 1/2″ when it was apparently clear to everyone looking at the candidates stand side by side that her listed height was inaccurate to say the least!

  5. This is the HEIGHT CARD. Miss Sweden 2001 was only 5’4, Miss El Salvador 2010 was only 5’3 and I think one Miss Colombia who is only 5’5…. just to name few short beauties sent to Miss Universe Pageant (millenium). Their HEIGHTs did not prevent them from winning their local pageant. And a current Miss Canada aspirant is only 4’11.

    I don’t mind crowning a short Miss Philippines, as long as she is really deserving, we can not take the crown away from her because she is short or the shortest.

    But being SHORT…. and shorter than 5’7, is a big disadvantage in Miss Universe…. As the record stands now…… that non of these SHORTIEST ever made in the millenium Miss Universe pageant!

  6. Looking tall is essential. Since declared height is deceiving us it should not be declared anymore when it’s inaccurate anyway. For me, so long as minimum height requirement is met that is 5’6 and the candidate appears tall, such should be fine.

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