10 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas 2012: The Glamorous Shots

  1. I saw the ABS CBN Primer last night. Here are my comments:

    Those Who Expressed Themselves Well:

    – Candidates 6, 8, 13, 20, and 24.
    – Let me just say that I really hate it when certain delegates turn the Interview portions into soap operas by crying themselves out. Mal lugar po para sa lahat. Hindi kailangang laging may iyakan.

    A lot of the girls seem very out of shape last night. Parang ang liliit tapos ang tataba. But based from the pictures above, mukhang mas toned ang bodies nila ngayon. Thank God.

    The National Costume Competition was rather boring and repetitive, though. Wala naman silang ibang sinabi kundi my gown looks very elegant. Mind you, a lot of the gowns were far from elegant!

    Overall, I still like Patricia Ejercitado. I think she’s perfect for Miss International – as it bypasses the Interview round. She has great doll-like features.

    Nicole Schmitz is probably our best bet for Miss Universe. I am so tempted to go for Sherlyn Gonzales but her height is truly a disadvantage. sayang. She looks like an angel.

    Mary Jean Lastimosa and janine Tugonon could probably go for TQI or Supranational. I can sense that MJ knows that she has been getting a lot of exposure compared to the other ladies. Truth is, she’s not really a cut above the rest. She’s so 1 Dimensional, even fake pa nga minsan. Tugonon should really step up.

    Very disappointing that Elaine Moll, at 5’10, was as cold as a cadaver last night. Akala ko ba may prior experience na siya sa MWP? This lady indeed is really a missed opportunity. Sayang. She’s naturally beautiful pa naman.

    Candidate 28 looks stunning in her picture above. 🙂

  2. when i saw this pics, this is the time that i got crazy…hahhaha..kasi lahat sila magaganda, at naging love ko sila walang pwedeng maipintas, nakaka excite ung competition walang gustong magpaiwan lahat bigay todo…..nakita yung potenials nila…mind you, i was amaze by candidate number 28, mia arcenas, that girl too can kick some girls out of the competition once she was given the oportunity to answer the q and a….

  3. Reminding me of Ruffa Gutierrez is 6 Maria Elena Ariosa! Glam! Fab! Ikaw na!

  4. Photogenic-Gina Joy Howell
    Nicole,Giselle and Janine are pros.
    Golda is surprisingly stunning though I don’t like her.
    Annalie Forbes,I’m thinking of a liquor model.

  5. Karen Gallman is such a pretty face, height is a might, but this line doesn’t apply to her, because her beauty and vibrant aura covered up all her imperfections..

    It’ll be ridiculous to say that her height might be her advantage at one point.
    come to think of this,if she’ll make it to the top5,which is very possible,and she’ll be standing next to those tall candidates, judges will critically think that this girl has something which is unique and charismatic….

    I really like gallman, she’s million miles away compare to Athena Imperial.

  6. A pleasant surprise is tall girl Czarinah Buenviaje! Won’t count her out come coronation night.

    It’s really anybody’s ball game. Nobody can be considered a frontrunner.

  7. Wow the girls all look amazing even those who usually do not look well in other photos.

  8. The best glamorous photos are those of Jiliana Urbina ( my Miss Photogenic contender) and Janine Tugonon. Whoever did Janine’s make up is best for her.

    Some of the non-favorites are surprisingly awesomes and beautiful. While some of the frontrunners… no offense to others… looking and posing like TRANNIES!

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