11 comments on “Jenna Talackova and Donald Trump: The Odd Allies

  1. Talackov(a) is not a woman, female.She has not ever had menses. His hormones are man’s. It means that he has much more forces than women, its unfair to compete with him. And his legs are bony. The Miss Universe competition is like a sport (must be like a sport), and in sport, hormones solve who you are and do you participate or not. Talackov(a) is a man and he can take part in competitions for transsexuals only.

  2. later on watch out for bb. pilipinas coz rustom padilla a.k.a bebe gandanghari will join bwahahahahhahahahha….

  3. I think it is the great job of the Miss Universe organisation to accept Jenna talackova to participate in Miss Canada Universe 2012.What matter in a male or female is her thoughts her ideology or her personality which identifies his or her gender not just the physical and to fulfill his or her hope or ambition to do something good for mankind is a great job and I think this incident would help in bringing gender equality.I think everybody should accept my view on human morality.Congratulation Jenna.

  4. For me its not the legal issue but its the naturalness of one being, so i would stand that only natural born women are qualified to join, this way all beauty contest uphold the naturalness and god fearing people…..BPCI,values the naturalness….mabuhay

    • Yeah… your right Jenna Talackova must admit that she not a born natural girl, she should accept and respect the decision of MUO it can be damage the name of Organization, and dignity of every born natural girl, its not about discrimination, its all about the realty of born male and female…

      • Ino-I’m not that good in grammar, but yours is such a disaster.
        I had a headache reading your comment, and i’m pretty sure that you’re bleeding to death right now!

      • its ok basil… but i have the point, not like yours, all your comments are baseless…no sense, only just to right something….huhuihuhu!!!!

  5. can’t understand the question kuya norman, ” will Donald Trump of a transgender Miss Universe winner?’ a word seems to be missing>

    The issue is so sensational but so exciting, I hope she’ll win the title and be in the Miss Universe.
    Equality is exercised but rules were compromised.

      • Napaka-biased nun mga nag-a-unlike ng comments,makadislike lang ang trip.mga kamag-anakan ni golda,….halatang halata kayo,pati ba naman yung comment ni kuya norman na ‘i corrected it na” e ni-like. nakakatawa kayo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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