11 comments on “Impressive campaign video for Mr. Gay World Philippines 2012

  1. Congratulation Mr gay world! It is great to hear about gay beauty pageants.I think it help to vanquish the homophobic people.Thanks to Mr gay world organisation.

  2. And CARLO is truly a Gift from God….. He is very cute…. Regardles of his sexual orientation, will he be allowed to join other local pageant such as Mr.PH International? (if he doesnt win the Mr.GW?)…..

  3. Matt Baguinon! Norman, this guy is my secret crush. We have a common alma mater, but he doesn’t know me, as I graduated before he entered the campus, and we hail from rival dance groups.

    Anyway, he really is a skilled, uhm, videographer? (Is that what it’s called?)I’ve seen some of his works featuring the performances of his co-dancers, and the works were good. And he’s a cutie himself.

    By the way, I was wondering if Carlo Rosadina also went to the same university. Some of the clips were shot in our campus. 🙂 Would you know which school he came from?

    • P.S. why can’t I comment using my blogger profile (like I used to in your previous entries)? It now requires me to log on using my defunct wordpress account

      • You are not alone. I can’t login through my WordPress android app as well. I had to do it from my browser.

    • Let’s hope Matt gets to read this so your secret crush on him won’t be a secret anymore. I’m not sure where it was shot, although Carl studied at UP, di ba?

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