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  2. The Miss Universe Organization released a press statement denying this news release about Bahamas being the 2012 host country. This year’s Miss Teen USA however will be held at the Atlantis Resort which we all know was the venue for the 2009 Miss Universe this July 28.

  3. IMHO, the 2009 edition was one of the most boring editions of the pageant. I have to agree with Ariel though, atleast the winners are all worth their title esp Stefania who killed it during the final Q&A.

  4. Thank you for the update, Norman. But honestly, I don’t know whether or not I am excited, because our reminiscence from three years ago is not as beautiful as this paradise island called Bahamas. The vintage beauty from Venezuela was well worth her crown as Miss Universe 2009. But remembering there was no Asian delegate that made it to the top 15 is ugly.

    It was hard to believe, let alone accept, as no one could ever say that not a single Asian candidate would have passed according to the MUO lights. The semi-final slot was filled in mostly by European Caucasians who, as anyone with the trained eye for style would say, were a far cry from being excellent in catwalk, twists, and turns. But in all fairness to the pageant night’s judges, the top 5 were a fierce bunch: fourth runner-up, Miss Puerto Rico (Mayra Matos Perez); third runner-up, Miss Australia (Rachael Finch); second runner-up, Miss Kosovo (Marigona Dragusha); first runner-up Miss Dominican Republic (Ada Aimee De la Cruz); the winner, Miss Venezuela (Stefania Fernandez).

    As for the host country, and after all the online hullabaloo over the alleged racial discrimination three years ago, I’d like to look at it now in terms of a lesson learned from that year, for whoever had a hand on the 15 semi-final results to have a bit of sense of fairness, because we, too, are beautiful… no matter what they say. All right?

  5. This means only one thing… nobody is interested in hosting a very expensive pageant. I think in the next few years we will be seeing las vegas and bahamas to host the event. The organization should consider lowering its demands/

  6. I’ve seen the Miss U interviews of Bianca Manalo, she’s not that good in English…. mas mahusay pa mag English yung Miss Japan 2009 talking in English with sense.

  7. Norman, what was it that happened to Bianca during her time? I’ve been hearing about this conspiracy against her (or accdg to your entry, against Asians). I was also wondering why she didn’t even make it to semis. I saw the pageant night and she was divine!

    Do you have a previous entry on this?

    • It’s plain and simple, they didn’t let any of the Asian delegates enter the Top 15. Perhaps, very fresh pa sa memory ng organizers that time ang Riyo Mori victory in 2007. And I believe Venezuela was really being groomed to win again in 2009 to complete a rare back-to-back crown with Dayana Mendoza.

      • During that time, blonde Europeans dominated the semis.Trumph’s Picks. Their catwalk is really terrible,that is why after the announcement of top10,these girls were eliminated.Yes, Bianca should had been there,unfortunately she was a victim of pageant politics. If only she did,it’s a 3-year in a row for the Philippines after Shamcey’s victory.

        I was rooting for Australia and Kosovo then. Australia is so vibrant,fresh and witty while Kosovo is such a goddess, but they were outshone by Stefania.
        But in all fairness to Stefania, she’s beatifull and composed during that night, and on her farewell walk her beauty stood out,proving that she’s really deserving to win inspite of all the criticisms by the pageant watchers.

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