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  1. Tapos na ba issue ng disqualification Kuya Norman, sana okay na, sayang naman effort ng kandidata,it’s just a week before the coronation.

  2. i really love #16..she`s effortless beautiful..very natural but stand out among the rest..wish you luck!

  3. I’m not from BPCI that I’m defending but equally it is a candidate’s responsibility to ensure she takes prudence and sends the needed documents with her full declaration of honesty and integrity. It is a shame that a candidate declares incorrectly and is dishonest.

    • So,what can you say about ythe case of Venus? Is it Venus’ fault or the BPCI’s? Definitely, it is the BPCI.

  4. @NICE….. I truly believe that YOU are NICER than me… for your equal treatment of the candidates. And you are the NICEST pageant fan ever …kasi lahat ng 30 candidatas favorito mo! May the best girls win…. kasi APAT ang korona this year!


  5. i have my bet…but habang papalapit ng papalapit lalong tumitindi ang competition, talagang giunagawa ng mga kanididata ang kanilang best….with all the effort and potentials that the ladies has shown, kung sino man ang mananalo ay aking susuportaan, coz all of them are deserving..

    • Great disposition, nice! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that one candidate (who was based abroad and came home just for the pageant) with some passport issues to have things resolved. Rumors are allegedly saying that the MUO needs to be consulted first if they will approve the concern if ever. 😦

      • Exactly i don’t know the specifics of this probable disqualification or issue of integrity but I’m surprised why that candidate or her handler did not know what was needed prior to joining. Incidents such as this could have been avoided. We know how BPCI takes the candidates’ documents and declarations at face value subject to verification.

      • Another negligence in the part of BPCi, and who’s to suffer? definitely the candidate.Same scenario year after year.
        Com’on, have’nt they learned their lessons? This only shows how incompetent and ignorant those people assigned in document reviews.
        And one thing more,don’t they have a common sense? Why in first consult the MUO,although BPCI has a franchise under MUO,there are already rules and regulations that must be followed by the BPCI,and that girl has not been proclamed as Bb. Pilipinas-Universe,so wha’s the sense of consulting the MUO before making decision.

        Just a question,…. Can’t we have an edition of the Binbini without disqualification drama,.nakakasawa na ang katangahan ng mga baklang committee.

      • koya norms baka pwedeng ibulong mo sa puso ko raw ohhhhh kung sino ang anjannette abayari award recepient this year. kung di naman pwede kang mag ala dolly ann carvajal at mag blind item… mag aala tabloid ang blog site mo teh! vonggah!!!!

      • Let me mull over your suggestions during the Lenten break and see what spiritual meditation will tell me.:-D

      • I have a hunch that that is Nicole Schmitz, she’s the strongest candidate who is most vulnerable to punches of destructive researchers who are looking for disqualification grounds!
        I’m hoping that it is not her, and if she’s the one involved in this issue, I hope things will be resolved just in time.

      • Kuya Norms, You said, I “hope” not, so it could be Nicole.
        If she will be disqualified,she will be a great lost. damn those responsible for this.

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