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  2. Her height might just carry her thru. You can never deny that this is her might. That and her great bone structure. Honestly I think she might just fall a bit short capturing one of the crowns though and will probably just end up as a runner up. Despite Bb being her second national pageant, Elaine comes up as someone who is timid and raw as opposed to the fierce and highlt competitive attitude of the other pageant veterans in her batch.

    • let’s face it, height is might!!! but it’s not everything…there were so many tall candidates in miss u pageants but did they place? look what happened to miss peru 2011 natalie, or miss paraguay who’re 2 of the tallest candidates…6 ft. tall…they even dwarfted shamcey….

      • Marc — You’re right. Height isn’t everything. But also consider that the average height of the 16 semifinalists at Miss Universe 2011 was about 5’9″ — China being the tallest semifinalist at 6′ and Shamcey being the shortest semifinalist at just slightly over 5’7″. While height is not always might, height is still one of the standards by which potential winners are measured in international pageants, subliminally or decisively, along with their other vital statistics.

  3. just another tomboy trying to disprove her detractors that she is not…..she’s like a walking wood,tall but hard.

  4. I agree! With what she has been showing, she does not have the winning vitality just yet. She can still come back next year.

  5. As I said earlier, Elaine’s mentor should recommend an expert make up artist to do her make-up a-la- HONEY LEE (Miss Korea 2007 and MU 3RU)… tha’t’s the only scenario that I can think of ELAINE MOHL’s fight on the final night…. from top 10 to magic 6……….

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