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  1. I have heard that she’s one of the organizer’s favorites this year. I was surprised with her high placement last year. I didn’t get it at first, but if you think about it, although MJ and Nicole seem to be doing very well, I don’t see them doing well in Miss Universe, I just dont think they will standout, they will look pedestrian next to other contestants… Janine might have a better chance.

    At this point, here are my choices for Bb. Pilipinas 2012 Universe: Jaine, Patricia, Katrina, Janine, and with Janine’s credentials, she’s got the advantage to represent us in Miss U.

      • Norman — Is Janine genuinely 5’9″? I don’t quite recall her being that tall last year, and even photos from BP 2011 don’t seem to show her being significantly taller than Shamcey. Is this perhaps another case of BPCI fluffing the height of one of their favored candidates? Same thing with MJ. This year, she’s 5’7″ — last year, her height was barely 5’6″. What’s your take on this?

      • Glenn, that’s the reason why I always follow up her reported 5’9″ height with ‘according to the Bb. Pilipinas candidates profiles’. I know she is taller than either Shamcey or MJ so that should make her at least 5’8″ or a little over.

  2. may kulang sa kanya..kahit confidence nya from a runner up hindi ko ma feel…may kulang sa kanya..

  3. Most of the returnees return with a vengeance but Janine is the total opposite,she returned just to disappoint avid pageant fans,.she has lost the spotlight before she even got it.Why is it Karen Gallman,inspite of being the shortest among the candidates ,is getting positive reviews,it is because she has an appeal,she’s engaging and fresh. With Janine, I think she lacks charm and connection with the people,something which is very essential to convince the judges that is the ONE.
    But if ever she’ll surprise us come the pageant night, I know she’ll be transformed into a gorgeous exotic swan in preparation for an int’l arena.

      • Basil — Yes, there is something about Janine this year that somehow isn’t quite hitting the right notes with pageant watchers. She seems to have a cloud over her head and I can’t pinpoint what that is exactly. Has she gained weight? Is it the make-up? Maybe she’s a natural introvert that is why she doesn’t exude warmth and friendliness as much as someone like Karen Gallman. I do wish Janine the best, and there’s still time to turn this before pageant night. Who knows, perhaps on coronation night Janine will surprise everyone — again!

  4. Honestly im an avid fan of Janine-loloves
    For me Janine is a good Rep for Miss Universe if she will crown as BB pilipinas Universe…
    why????…She has the Total Package..Beauty (very Filipina look), Brain and Body….

    Many Forumer bashed her because of her Body,
    She’s improved a lot esp. with Her Body,!!!!!!!

  5. i like janine i think she will be crown as our ms international representative.infact she was placed last year bbp so meaning to say she is ready to represent ours.

  6. I am pretty sure…. foreign judges will strongly vote for her……Marami kaya ang foreigners na invited ni Madam?

  7. Yes,lucky talaga…dami ng nanalo sa bbp na mas deserving pa ang runner up at semifinalist…swerte nga ni janina at jennifer nun di ba.?

  8. Janine has a lot to work hard on double time as clearly there are quite a number of candidates who are holistically stronger and way better than her. It appears that physically Janine is not ready to win this year or will no longer do so ever as her best to keep was last year’s first runner up placement. Many observants are saying Janine will take home the Abby Cruz award this year. Abby Cruz placed first runner up in her first attempt in Bb Pilipinas 2007, and returned but was unplaced in 2009. But as many say, it’s not how prepared you really are but how lucky you will be come coronation night, Good luck, Janine!

    • Jordan, if im not mistaken..abby cruz ended as 2nd runner up in 2007, i think liezl verses is the 1st runner up…=)

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