13 comments on “Thank God the Bb. Pilipinas ladies wore black (and covered)!

  1. San Beda Manila supports the victory of its lovely graduate Bb #6 Allen Ariosa! For the win! Yes, we will be in pink in support of you!

  2. Vote for candidate #6 Maria Alicia “Allen” Ariosa! Official text voting is now open! Please text BINIBINI 6 to 2331 for Globe/Sun/TM subscribers or 231 for Smart/TalkNText Subscribers. P 2.50/vote. Voting is until April 15, 2012, 7pm. Thank you for your usual support. Appreciate it.

    One team, one goal! Please spread the news.

  3. Norman — Thanks for sharing the photos. I like Nicole Schmitz, but her photo above just screams she should lay off a bit on the eyebrow pencil.

  4. Scribbling some random thoughts from my notepad.

    Yesterday, saw the ladies again. Where the Bb Pilipinas activities are, I’m usually there. I stood in the busy street and my distance from each lady moving by was about half a meter. That is too close to gauge real beauty and what a stellar way to validate my many thoughts about each one of them.

    Had some chit chats with a couple of the ladies. Some were confident, enjoying the moment with the crowd and who would forget the huge headdresses activity while the rest are just plain lifeless, and boring.

    Factoring in perfect smile, nice skin, confidence, fun personality, positive and sincere vibes, etc, find my winning list below, pre-pageant to DATE. Will post my final comments for everyone this week.

    1 Gallman , Karen – She looks like a cute and chubby kid to me. She is the shortest this year. She does not look Pinay. You know how it is, Filipinos generally love meztiza beauties as we rarely see such type. Karen reminds me of my former classmate whose dad is American with a full Pinay mom. Sorry, Karen is Australian, right? Karen will do well in local pageants. Ilove her being bubbly, congenial and confident. She will be excellent for Miss Tourism.

    6 Ariosa, Maria Alicia Elena – What a beautiful face. The longer you look at her, the more more alluring she becomes. She is tall, has noticably flawless skin, toned body and alluring smile. Perfect for Miss Close up smile. Heard she is good in interviews. Jonas Gaffud’s camp is known for acing Q and A year after year. Alicia is a smarty substance. Just needs to work on putting more energy. She is excellent for Miss Universe or International.

    7 Ejercitado, Patricia Lae – Beautiful color and nice smile. As one of the returnees this year, she is expected to perform well. She has blossomed over the years of preparations and is fact pretty now (as opposed to before) but can be tacky at times with really overdone hair and make up. She has the tendency to shy away or becomes uneasy if there’s an activity that requires oral discourse. For obvious reasons, she cannot communicate well. Less of a Czarina Gatbonton. In pageants as proven over a number of times, you do not need to have excellent scholastic records but at the very least be smart to know your battle.

    8 Schmitz , Nicole – Looks very rehearsed and totally predictable. In 2007 she had almost the same aura. I used to love cliche beauties and performances until Ximena and Leila. Being beauty parlor trained helps with a huge gay crowd reminiscing of last year’s Patricia Tumulak but not quite in classy Bb Pilipinas or even in MPE. Nicole does not look Pinay at all. She is nice, or has this ‘trying to be nice’ aura. Sometimes I find her just too gay or slutty to the point of looking tacky. Still, she is still considered for Miss International or Tourism.

    9 Lastimosa , Mary Jean – Love her hair and poise almost all the time. She looks too rehearsed in fact very, very rehearsed, getting to the point of being trite, and predictable thus boring. As this is her 2nd attempt to Bb Pilipinas, she clearly knows the common pageant drill, so to speak. Maybe except for Q and A. In Gaffud’s camp, MJ looks like the slowest in Q and A. She is far from being smart yet. She has maximized her potentials (again, except for and A) and enhanced her physical self fully. But something is amissed already. It is her naïveté. We have seen it all in Youtube, girl! Dare to be yourself. Sill she is still strong for is for International or Tourism.

    13 Dimaranan, Katrina – She is very likable and can be Miss Amity this year. I love the color of the skin as it’s truly Pinay. She is excellent for Miss International or Universe. Heard her speak and she makes sense. Wish to interview her soon. At her young age, I want to know her views on dating, Noynoying, etc.

    18 Tugonon, Janine – I was expecting that she would be more prepared this year. She has lost that good body that she had last year. It appears to me she is not prepared as we all expect. She does not look fresh at times and her make up is just too dark. Can hardly see her eyes. I love her Pinay color and smile. She is smart and we know that but she sometimes looks boring and does not seem to have any fun thing going in her but simply aiming to win the crown. I trust she is working on her areas to improve on. Smart girl, afterall knows how to do address quick. She is for Universe or International.

    30 Gonzales , Sherlyn – Very pretty and appealing. She will be excellent for DOTC’s Miss Tourism. Have not heard her speak yet. I feel she has a very fun personality.

    • well said,choo! two thumbs up! nice observations. sadly we don’t have a full-packaged girl this year.
      dimaranan will be the darkhorse on the pageant night.

  5. From the photos above, I could see majority of those who went to see the parade were MEN ….. Yes Norman, next year please suggest to BPCI… NO MORE OF THOSE TACKY HEADRESSES!

    • Great observation Koala. In the same manner that I’m not against this parade around the Araneta Center ,I am equally concerned about it’s relevance knowing that the girls are being paraded almost naked in (what I think – and some of you may disagree) an inappropriate manner. BPCI this year made great strides presenting their causes with the charity sponsorship for Operation Smile, high fashion and glamorous events like the Philippine Airlines 71st Anniversary etc, but this so called annual tradition of parading barely clothed Bbs demeans it all. In fairness though, I think BPCI has taken notice of the furor debate behind this Bb annual event when this year they opted for the more conservative one piece swimwear . The mixed messages and social irony are still there.

      PS: Did you notice in most pictures how these men look at a certain angle on the Bbs ? I’m not even going to go further than saying that. Go figure for yourself what. Suffice to say they were googling somewhere beyond what remains seen by the eye.

  6. 6 Allen Ariosa will take home the Miss Universe Philippines crown! Don’t forget to wear pink on April 15!

  7. Patricia trully celebrates her true femminity, as a front runner to the crown. BPCI really value the true meaning of Bb Pilipinas….mabuhay BPCI.

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