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  1. Norman — Yeah, you have a point that hosting an international pageant is an expensive undertaking for any host country and for the pageant organizer unless one garners the sponsors and the TV audience to back it up. Miss World’s viewership in Europe has practically dwindled and the pageant isn’t even broadcast here in the U.S. I suppose Julia thinks that moving the pageant to Asia will revive it somewhat, coupled of course with the cheaper expense of hosting it there.

    As for Venezuela and Colombia’s unwillingness to host an international pageant like Miss Universe, I think their obsession for winning plays a big role — that is, they realize that a host country rarely ever wins an international pageant it hosts. For example, in the last 30 years only two countries have won Miss Universe in their home turf — Miss USA in 1997, and Miss Puerto Rico in 2001.

  2. Norman — Thanks for the update. She looks like she’s bi-racial and tall for a Thai at 5’8 1/2″. I’m somewhat disappointed that Miss World will be held in China (again) — in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, of all places. I guess it’s probably the cheapest place Julia Morley could find — out in the fringes of the Mongolian desert literally — which leads me to suspect that the Miss World Pageant isn’t in such good financial shape these days.

    • She is bi-racial. Thais adore mixed beauties, especially in beauty pageants where the only requirement they strictly require is fluency in the Thai language more than residency and the like.

      • I think the city of Ordos gave all of Julia’s requirements. Hosting an international pageant is and won’t be much of a lucrative business investment however which way you look at it. That’s why pageant-obsessed countries like Venezuela and Colombia never hosted the grand slams, haven’t you noticed, Glenn?

      • So the Thais strictly require fluency in Thai as more important than residency requirements — that I did not know. I do remember the last Thai to win Miss Universe (Porntip, in 1988) was raised in the U.S., and although she had native fluency in English, she was still fluent in Thai. It’s funny when you compare the Thais’ attitude to what constitutes a “Thai”, and how Venus Raj’s nationality was put into question that almost got her dethroned a couple of years ago.

      • One of the reasons why they put a premium on fluency in Thai is to bring the winner closer/more endeared to the people and prove that a beauty – despite being bi-racial and raised abroad – still maintains a strong link to her countrymen in Thailand by way of the language. Makes sense.

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