7 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas 2012 Parade of Beauties today!

  1. gusto ko sana pumunta, kaya lang baka makatabi ko mga kabarangay at kaanak ni golda,tyak hindi ako makakauwi ng buhay!

  2. This whole parade around the Araneta Center with the candidates half naked cheapens the whole pageant experience that is Bb. Pilipinas. Bb. Pilipinas should re evaluate this so called tradition of having their Bbs paraded around wearing flimsy bikinis – never mind if they are ‘covered’ by equally transparent wrap arounds – is so ’60ish. Why not have the ladies wear traditional Philippine costumes or decent cocktail dresses even plain jeans and their official Bb shirts? Very politically incorrect in these days and times where pageant supposedly advocate empowerment for the ladies who join them. Tsk tsk…..

    • To each his or her own but for me who is such an outdoor person I see men and women in swimsuits in beaches, etc all the time. Let us not put today’s activity in some kind of a negative light. Don’t you just think wearing swimsuits in public is per empowering the modern Filipina?

      • Definitely not when worn and paraded around busy streets . Bathing suits aka swimwear are meant to be worn as their names imply in a beach or bathing venue and in a fashion/pageant sense , in a ramp or stage. Anywhere beyond these, IMHO is inappropriate bordering to demanding.
        But hey if these Bbs feel empowered being in a motorcade wearing swimsuits and all, so be it. I will respect that in the same manner people will respect other opinions pro or not.

  3. Paparada ang mga dyosa. Magkakaalaman Kung sino ang pinakamaganda in their light dat time make up. See you all later.

  4. Traffic sigurado yan..titingin si mamang driver sa magagandang dilag..

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