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  1. Do you like your Binibini exotic and exquisitely-skinned like Patricia Lae Ejercitado? This is a typo, right? Because I don’t want to see a skinned candidate coming April 15. Do you mean “having exquisite skin” and not skinned?

  2. Here are our bets so far.

    6 Ariosa, Maria Alicia
    8 Schmitz , Nicole
    13 Dimaranan, Katrina Jayne
    19 Jesalva, Roxane Joy
    30 Gonzales , Sherlyn

  3. LOL!Dami ka pa lang kalaban dito basil?sikat ka pala teh?pati yung comment ko,tinira mo hindi naman ikaw tinutukoy ko?si stella?Haha

  4. Unlike in 2010 my ultimate and only bet was Venus Raj. When first saw her, I knew she was IT. This year we are seeing huge potentials but too raw. We are also seeing maximized potentials but too cliche. Bet this year we are in for some huge surprises.

  5. mga atcheng, musta na kayo. pasensya na nakainom ang titah nyo dahil nilayasan ako ng boyfriend kong us marine. ang masasabi ko lang either pat ejercito o janine taguntong ang pazuk sa vanga sa bb pil univ. di pwede si nicole or mj dahil parang mga 2nd rate latina beauties zila. yung iba naman wala talagang dating. ms baranggay pwede sila. kailangan exotic beauty ang ipadala sa miss univ. dito swak na swak si pat at janine….waaaaaaahhhhh….walangyang damuhong marino yan…..nakakita lang ng mujer pinalitan agad akish….nasayang ang mga allowance na gibsung ko kanya. kaya pls madam stella parang awa muna sa akin pat o janine sa miss u.

    • bamba, kung inwan ka ng jowa mo,e bakit di kanalang magpakamatay? wala namang pumipigil di ba?
      sige na teh,pakamatay ka na, suportado ka namen teh.


      • Norman – Comments like this should be censored… Completely tasteless and unnecessary.

      • susmaryosep plippy, napaka-barriotic mo! it’s just a punchline, yun lang pinatulan mo pa. napakanipis mo naman, e kung sayo ko pala sinabi yung joke na yun e ano pa kaya? sarap mong sunugin!

  6. To the rescue na naman ang mga kamag-anakan.
    pag may nakitang komento na hindi pabor sa kandidata nila ay kulang na lang pumatay…
    guys, u cannot please everybody. kung ayaw nyong mapuna kandidata nyo e sabihin nyo sa kanila ay magquit na lang!
    pag napuri kandidata nyo,tuwang-tuwa kayo, pag napuna naman galit na galit kayo.
    may mga manunugod pa, sige lang sugurin nyo ko,gagawin ko namang panangga ang mukha ni kapitana golda!

  7. Sugurin na natin basil.?hahaha…Suot tayo ng national costume…yung ala Amaya attire at ung may arnis..pukpukin natin,para matauhan..

  8. patricia and nicole for the win!

    sadly we can’t have a lady with a full package,ellaine is tall but that’s is she got. patricia is the ultimate beauty in this batch, but she’s short in terms of height and IQ. nicole is the most prepared,but like patricia,she’s a bit short. mj is shapely,but other than being shapely,there’s nothing more impressive about her,bland beauty and so rehearsed. golda is professionally-credentialed but this is a beauty conest and not a job fair, go back to your hospital and mind those who are in pain.

    looking on a lady with a complete package, it saddened me ,remembering juliana palermo being rejected by the Bb,..she’s the most beautiful Bb,.that we never had…i’ve read an article that she also tried during Bb.2010 but she was rejected again, Bb,.should ammend it’s jurassic rules and regulations,and first and foremost, oust that oily social climber,monsterous bitch stella.!

    • Basil like your comment on MJ, very well said and true, not worthy of any crown, better be beautiful but not tha intelectual or not that tall not so small but can carry well their selfs are much worthy, since smartness can be learned esp for miss Universe since the winner has 8 months to prepare…..Mabuhay,BPCI,Patricia,Nicole&Janine.

    • Basil….. 2 precedent years, we EASILY had found the total package of what kind of SHE we were looking for. But in this batch, I also have the doubt of which SHE really possess the total package of TALL, SEXY, GEORGEOUS AND BRIGHT….. So to speak, I already have my own favorites, just like you and the others. But I still have the benefit of the doubts and not really sure if my favorite(s) are really T,S,G, and B?

    • I concur, Basil. I feel the same way for MJ. I feel there is nothing special about her given her many a number of enhancements done. In fact, I find her ways too trite, predictable and thus boring. I heard her speak her mind in their mock pageant this year and she has nothing sensible to say. Truthfully, I got totally dismayed. While she knows the beauty queenly drill but such has not made her stand out and likable.

      • Truly, MJ is nothing but a mediocre candidate,rehearsed, predictable, by the book, robotic. Do we want a winner like this, so boring,intellectually empty and self-centered.
        Though I may sound a basher, but i’m just telling what I see in her.Aactually, I don’t know if I have a third eye because I am seeing a devil in inside this lady. You can see it in her smile and projection, no sincerity at all, she will smile because it is a must, but her smile is heartless.
        If this girl win, there’s nothing we can do but to accept, but the truth stays,she’s a contestant who careers contest. Sincerity is not her game.


  9. NORMAN, …… I am also looking for that standout SHE who is really a total package…..TALL, SEXY, GEORGEOUS AND BRIGHT…

  10. A mix match of all your choices – that would be very ideal. If that happens, we will see an international winner.

  11. Norman — In addition to those great qualities you just mentioned, I would like the ideal candidate to be articulate — this means she should be able to verbally express her thoughts clearly, confidently and without hesitation and without mistakes. I would also like her to be competitive — this means that she is self-motivated, disciplined, a hard worker, and is willing to do whatever it takes to compete at the international level.

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