11 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas 2012: The Official Headshots by Raymond Saldana

  1. I go for the fresh faces. 6 Allen Ariosa. Saw her in person. Whatta beautiful face!

  2. sige na ipag pilitan nyo pang miss phogenic sina pat at mj….wala namang miss photogenic na nananalo sa bb. pilipinas…miss pal nicole…

  3. Norman — These new headshots by Mr. Saldana of MJ, Nicole Schmitz, Katrina, Janine, just to name a few, are at least an improvement over their previous headshots that are currently posted on BPCI’s website. Nicole’s, Katrina’s and Janine’s new headshots especially are much improved. However, I prefer Patricia’s previous headshot — her new one is kind of flat.

  4. I’d say Ali Forbes, Roxanne Tadique and Roxanne Jesalva stood out in this batch of “official” headshots.

  5. Nicole Schmitz and Aleen Ariosa are really the most photogenic.
    Yung iba,parang nagpakuha lang ng 2×2 ID picture.

    • I agree. Allen Ariosa looks conssitenly beautiful. Quiet dismaying but generally the pics look ID-ish.

  6. So to speak this is the SECOND official headshot…. and you see better headshots of Janine Tugonon and MJ Lastimosa… than the first one.

    Considering headshots I and II….. consistently beautiful are LIEZL ALCANTARA and NICOLE MARABLE….. IFFFF this headshot perhaps the basis for Miss Photogenic, either one of them is very deserving to win the Miss Photogenic Award! Specially with NICOLE MARABLE, with or without make up her PICTURE SPEAKS A THOUSAND WORDS!

  7. I love Patricia queenly look, trully a miss Universe material, as well as Nicole, Janine,Elaine and Golda…..Mabuhay BPCI

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