33 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas and Philippine Airlines: A Loyal Partnership

  1. looks like #19 Roxane is slowly but surely going up the ranking..she should have better media handler as a suggestion.. but im positive she will surprise the country on the 15th!!

  2. Whoever wins should be allowed to pack these beautiful dresses and gowns in her suitcase….

  3. The outfits in pictures 1, 4 , 14, and 18 are really nice. Whoever wins bb. pilipinas universe should pack these along with the other possible horrible outfits from cumbia so that our candidate may look fashion forward. the prob though is that they mostly black.

    I really hope this year’s candidates get to wear the designs of filipino fashion designers. The designs are way much better than those barraza gowns.

      • Norman — Where was the venue? The stage and lighting look excellent. Annalie Forbes’ photo is probably the best I’ve seen of her. Wish you’d reconsider and post the photos of all 30 candidates.

  4. In 2011 local pageants, Bb Pilipinas had better gowns than Miss World Philippines. Miss World Philippines had all Filipino deigned gowns which look amateurish, boring and ill fitted.

  5. Looking at the gowns again, I’m in awe of Randy Ortiz’s creations. His work reminds me of the elegant couture by the revered Japanese designer Hanae Mori.

  6. Some of the gowns featured here are stunning, more notably the Filipiniana dresses. As others have voiced, it’s frustrating that Madame Araneta still insists on using Colombian designers, especially for the Philippine national costume, when there are obviously so many talented Filipino designers who can do it better.

  7. G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S, yeah G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S and popular candidate # 6 Allen Ariosa deserves to be Miss PAL. Truly she is an emblem of the modern beautiful Filipina who is fun, well educated, smart, naturally chic, very people person, exposed to the media (from a political family), etc.

  8. G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S, yeah G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S and popular candidate # 6 Allen Ariosa deserves to be Miss PAL. Truly she is an emblem of the modern beautiful Filipina who is fun, well educated, smart, family person, naturally chic, very people person, exposed to the media (from a political family), etc.

  9. Truly deserving to be Miss PAL is popular Bb #6 Allen Ariosa. She is the meaning of a beautiful Filipina who is fresh looking, young, stunning, naturally chic, smart, well educated, fun, people person, has a sunny personality likable to all, etc.

  10. i love the gown of meiji cruz…….
    stop wearing gowns by the colombian designers and those barraza gowns!
    ipasuot na lang lahat yung mga gown na yun kay madam stella, kahit daily sya magpalit ng gown ay hindi sya mauubusan, at yung mga national costumes ay isuot na lang rin ni madam sa burol nya,para maiba naman. tingnan ko lang kung hindi sya magtrending sa twitter. nanggigigil talaga ko sa matronang yan.

  11. katutubong warrior ang dapat sa national costume natin, and sa gown filipiniana isnpired, tyak na pasok ang candidate natin…moll jasilva and alcantara ang nangunguna sa list ko…pero wala ung 7-8-9 sa pic..

    • Pasensya na if I didn’t post all the 30 ladies. I wanted to give way to some of the seldom blogged ones and have their moments in the shared spotlight.

    • MIss NICE….. Your 3 top Oriental favorites( Mohl, Jesalva and Alcantara ) are also mine…. I just have the strong feeling that this year…. your ORIENTAL beauties…. might as well sweep 3 of the crowns.

  12. Sana filipino designers na lang ang gagawa ng gown…filipiniana inspired would be eye-catching in int’l pageant…wag na yung recycled galing colombia…

      • ……. Since the BPCI have the so-called Filipino house designers, Randy Ortiz, JC Buendia and RHet Eala….. why not wear their gowns on the final night and for the international arenas. No more Cumbia gowns and Barraza gowns please!

      • In fairness Barazza & Cumbia gows are good, and they fits well to our ladies, and thats why BPCI gives them the right to dress our ladies int’l….but if the chance be given to our locals, they shd show how worthy they are… we have Inno Sotto, Monic Lhullier,Rene Slaud and of course BPCI’s own Pitoy Moreno are trully int’l, but seems they dont really do now….at the end BPCI knows what is right to their queens, lets support madame Stella & BPCI, Mabuhay!

      • Kristine, I believe that the designers you mentioned (except Pitoy as he is already a BPCI stalwart) would be willing to dress up our beauty queens. For one, Rajo Laurel is very vocal about it. But if BPCI and SMA do not make the initiative to approach them and request for a collaboration, nothing will happen. Someone’s got to start the ball rolling and it’s the pageant organizers who should do that.

  13. Another special award, MISS PAL, should go to Liezl Alcantara ( based on those photos above). Whoever they will choose for Miss PAL… rest assure she is well deserving and not PALPAK.

    By looking at some of these photos from PAL fashion show, JC Buendia must love the Hindu tiara on the foreheads of Ma.Alicia Oriosa and Julian Urbina as if they are candidates for Miss India.

    And I love the Indian-sari inspired black gown by Rhet Eala…. as.worn by Roxanne Jesalva and Ana Buenviaje.

    How I wish both designers could scout for a beauty from the Indo-Filipino community to enter the pageant someday. Another Venus Raj (half Indo) in the making!

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