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  1. Hmmmm this post just fires up the contest 🙂
    Great job Norman!!!

    Nice choices 🙂
    My bets are always on your list!

  2. # 8 Nicole S…Bb. Pilipinas Universe 2012….
    # 15 Elaine Moll Bb. Pilipinas International 2012
    # 13 Dimaranan, Katrina Jayne Bb. Pilipinas Tourism 2012

  3. Norman — Thanks for sharing these photos. Potential runway divas must have, in addition to great catwalk skills, the height and bodily proportions called for in ramp modelling as well. Although catwalk skills can be acquired through diligent training, one’s bodily proportions are genetically inherited and practically impossible to change. According to Elle Magazine, the basis of “all physical beauty” (at least in the world of international modelling) is based on balance and proportions (e.g., head-to-body ratio / shoulder-to-hip ratio / trunk-to-leg ratio / calf-to-ankle ratio; etc.) . So, if I were to rank the top three candidates based on these factors alone, those with the best bodily proportions for ramp modelling are:

    #10 Jillean Orbina
    #13 Katrina Dimaranan
    #15 Elaine Moll

    Jillean’s proportions are especially beautiful — elegantly tall, narrow hips and long legs. Same with Katrina and Elaine.

    P.S.: Katrina’s hairstyle is a definite improvement; Patricia needs to up the ante a bit if she wants to remain a frontrunner.

    • yes, kathrina’s hairstyle has improved a lot.she really shines the brightest in each area of the pageant. sana lang wag syang malinya sa magaganda na nagmumukhang aswang pag pageant night na.

  4. based on the above pictures.. nichole schmitz is the best. . . nichole for Bb. Pilipinas Universe 2012

  5. Factoring in beauty of face, fierceness, confidence, body proportion, youthful vibe,  audience receptiveness, overall appeal, winning package,  etc. here are the Best 12 in Bb Pilipinas Fashion Show

    4 Hidalgo, Jaine
    6 Ariosa, Maria Alicia Elena
    7 Ejercitado, Patricia Lae
    8 Schmitz , Nicole
    9 Lastimosa , Mary Jean
    13 Dimaranan, Katrina Jayne
    14 Howell, Gina Joy
    16 Alcantara , Liezl
    18 Tugonon, Janine
    19 Jesalva, Roxane Joy
    26 Delos Reyes , Angelee
    30 Gonzales , Sherlyn

  6. MPU: Nicole MPI: moll ms. tourism: alcantara 1st runner up: mj 2nd runner up: patricia…

  7. I would say I agree with your choices Norman…. because your lenses are my only windows to these ramping DIVAS…. I wasn’t there so I will just rely on with your TAKES! But based on the photos above…. The most beautiful to me is Roxanne Joy Jesalva….I remember, Leila Lopes and Olga Alava did not have the catwalk skills, and the judges voted them as winners. I could only comment on the Press presentations. Most of them presented themselves too well, except for disoriented Nicole Marable. And I want to see more of the catwalk skills of Katrina and Janine…. with lesser head movements. Too much of head turns might break their necks….

  8. for me nicole for ms.universe..mj for international.. ms.tourism.. any other remaining candidates will do.. maybe patricia or mia,,, or the girl from batanes… marami pang maganda.. pero stand out talaga c nicole kahit sa runway…,, wish ko sia talaga bb.universe 2012…

    • i don’t think that nicole is a good rep for miss u because she’s so caucasian
      parang miss malaysia 2012
      si mj pa siguro
      ladies with caucasian breeds are better off in miss international kasi mahilig sa puti ang miss international parang miss earth

      • Sorry, but I might be the only one to disagree with you. Once in a while, it’s nice to break from the mold. Granted, it would be logical to send a rep. that’s 100% filipina–but I’d still like to think that the Philippines is a melting pot. Don’t get me wrong, Shamcey & Venus were amazing representatives but it would be refreshing to send someone out of the ordinary. I think Nicole S is unique in her own way and she has the total package. Just my two cents, peace!

  9. Marie Irisha, or Mia, Candidate #28 for BB.Pilipinas 2012, is an accomplished woman, being the CEO of her own fashion handbags and jewelry company (Ferimar Inc.) after graduating SUMMA CUM LAUDE in Apparel Manufacturing Management at the Fashion Institute of Design and Management in Los Angeles, California. One of the main reason y i like this woman, because natural na natural ang beauty nya walang ka retoretoke. She’s a Darkhorse.:)


    GO GO GO #28

    • I’ve already posted her academic and professional credentials in an earlier post, Dino. Thanks for dropping by! 😉

    • nakuh dino, hwag masyadong hype kay 28. di siya maganda sa trulili lang. eh ano naman kung suma cum laude sya sa amerika. paalala lang yang school nya ay 5th tier for profit community college. kung baga parang dr. lanting nursing school dyan sa baesa, quezon city…diploma mill. anong di retoke?…..hahahahaha….. kung wala pinabago si 28, si vickie bello natural lahat. magtigil ka nga. di mo kami malilinlang.

      • Korek k Jan teh! Nag comment na ako before about her education! It’s like Tesda Lang pa la! Ambisiosa Lang sya…. And have you notice ang laki ng ulo Nya in proportion to her body? Boring na boring ang dating Nya.

    • nadoble ko tuloy sa inis!….sorry mod norms….as in moderator koya norms.

    • Tama ka Dino! DARK NA HORSE TALAGA….,! Who knows sumikat pa naman this year ang movie ni Steven Spielberg na war horse! Giddy Up! 28

  10. From a man’s perspective Candidate #28 Magaling sya sa ramp lalo na nung fashion show.:)

    GO #28 GO GO GO CEBU!!!!!!!!!

  11. oi kristine, opinion yan, and its very clear naman sa photo kinain si pat ng buo ni nicole…nicole, mol and lizel duo is very exciting and no. 17 is agaw pansin….nicole’s edge to everyone is her confidence with that smile on her face,very spontaneous ung mga galaw nya.. ung biba halatang super focus at nag iisip pa kung anong gawin….kung sa school kung baga si nicole ay natural na matalino ung iba matalino pero bookish….

  12. From the above, list mentioned something is lacking……Patricia has it all to be known as one of the front runner in the ramp….why she is not mentioned? is their a politically manipulated thing?mmmmhhhhhppppp…hope not

    • None at all, Kristine. If you will notice, I mentioned ladies with flair for the runway. Patricia is ok, but in this show, the others overshadowed her. Remember, this is a fashion show first and foremost. Keep your cool. 😉

      • International standards for runway models require 1) height 2) long legs and 3) narrow hips (catwalk skills can be learned). Looking at the photos above, one can make an objective assessment as to who fits the bill. Three of my favorites — MJ, Nicole S. and Patricia — don’t quite fit this bill, unfortunately. But one of my favorites — Katrina Dimaranan — does.

  13. agree with your choices…especially ellaine moll…uber long leeeeegs…wow

    • Ellaine Moll s totoo lng height lng special s knya.. napnood ko sya s Miss World Philippines pero di sya ganon kpansin pansin dhil mhina catwalk, kulang s dating, walang shape ang body, walang x-factor at higit s lhat poor sya s Q & A. wag mgalit ha nagssabi lng ako ng totoo.

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