8 comments on “First update on our Bb. Pilipinas 2012 Poll

  1. I like you, Jake Torrefiel. Any beauty pageant (or contest for that matter) which counts online votes as basis for choosing its winner is some form of idiocy which should not be practiced in our country. What if the contestants’s supporters don’t have the resources as far as loading their phones and/or the time to log in to cast their votes? Given all the time and money, does everyone have the taste or the trained eye for beauty?

    • Thank god someone has some sense here:) Exactly my point Ariel…!

  2. Ugh! Yikes! Really these girls have fans or a lot of free time to vote on line? It would be a disaster if any of these women will win! On line voting is never and will be a true test for winning…. Good lord I hope not.

  3. Well, at least what the poll shows is that these five candidates have an enthusiastic support base who are willing and dedicated enough to vote for them online. Although I have not cast my vote, if I were to choose just from the five candidates above, I would pick Mary Fer Baliquig. Although she’s not currently on my list of top candidates, Fer appears to have a lot of potential, she’s naturally beautiful and she’s definitely one of the darkhorses this year. But I have yet to see her shine in the line-up. Another thing — her styling needs a make-over.

  4. Notice how none of them can be considered as this year’s frontrunners in terms of overall beauty and performance yet they have the most number of supporters. I wonder how that’d affect their chances of winning one of the crowns.

    • Based on previous years’ results, it doesn’t happen all the time that the frontrunners were the ones with loads of supporters. Popularity votes usually went as far as a few nights before the finals. Coronation night is almost always the gauge of who has the most number of cheerers. It is serendipity when the judges’ choice & the people’s choice are one and the same. 😉

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