18 comments on “Who are your top picks for the Bb. Pilipinas 2012 National Costume Competition?

  1. Great job ladies…

    Just came back here Norman… and whhheeew results…
    I think I’ve picked them up on your previous posts 🙂

  2. Norman — Yeah, you’re right. Nicole Schmitz’s national costume is the tops, hands down.

  3. I really like #8.. Simple+Elegant=best in national Costume.

    okey din ung #7 tunay na National cOstume..

  4. nicole kaw na…swuim wear siya ang best at sa national cosyume for sure she has the brain..and in hoping also sa fellow cebuana niya na ni mia no.28 wow, pag makakaabot sa q & a pasok sa banga ala gloria diaz…

  5. I would give this one to Nicole, hands-down. Well, that’s based on the pictures posted on bb plipinas official website. I wish there were videos. 🙂

    I commend the BBPC for posting pictures and updates of this year competition. In previous years, it was a challenge to find decent pictures of their events. (Thanks to bloggers, like norman, who kept people updated with what’s going on).

  6. I’m young. I wished to see modern interpretations of our national costumes worn by our Bb Pilipinas candidates.   As opposed to seeing what is usual, common and to quite an extent boring designs, I wanted to see something that is well thought out, creatively made and superbly executed and for such to be worn justifiedly. As such, I’d vote for # 6 Allen Ariosa for wearing her exquisite National costume elegantly and beautifully. Special kudos as well to her fine designer Jeffrey Rogador for his exercise of creativity  and fine craftsmanship.

  7. koya norms, you’re right, pat ejercito’s natl costume is really busy. ang daming kulay at kung anitch anitch. farang edsa na sobrang traffic at punong puno ng billboards. buti na lang di counted ang natl costume sa pagpili ng winners kung hindi kahit isang bote ng UFC tamis anghang ketchup walang mauuwi si pat sa suot nyang yan. sabi pa naman ng mga malditas dito ang ganda raw ng suot ni pat. di naman pala masyado. pat ejercito sana di ka matulad ke pat tumulak last year. tumulak was a prohibitive favorite to take one of the crowns but went home as a goodbye girl….hmmm farang yung design ng natl costume ni tumulak kahawig at kakulay ng suot ni ejercito ngayon. jesus mary joseph in other word susmaryosep baka iisa lang ang mother hen nila

  8. janine vaketz itim ang kulay ng suot mo. makikilamay ka va sa fatay. para kang puyat na biyuda. dafat white yan ala venus raj 2010. kayo naman mga vaklesh designer, irespeto nyo naman ang mga model nyo. wag nyo silang itratong farang clown.

    • Bamba, yes you are right, at this day and age, you don’t see anymore beauties wearing black gowns…. in international pageant. That’s what the designers should consider next time….. BLACK IS OUT!

  9. Patricia costume reflects the rich cutural heritage of the Philippines, she’s my 1st, my 2nd choice is Nicole, a symbol of sophistication and drama and my 3rd choice is no.4, reflects the classy and modern touch of filipiniana………mabuhay to all the designers and BPCI for this great parade of Philippine terno’s.

    • Kristine, just like you, I have lots of respect for the designer of Patricia Lae Ejercito for this wonderful terno that he created for her national costume. I love terno and I never seen such design beofre. And I would love it more (than you do)…. if the designer chose plain color or abaca, or pina material to make it really look very Filipiniana. Because the fabric design is very Japanese red KARAKUSA, which you can find mostly for OBI (kimono sash), if not, curtain, carpetry and upholstery…. for western use. Western term is ARABESQUE. I am just confuse nowadays if ARABESQUE is also the form of art for the new Filipino genertion. Because during my times….. it’s so foreigned.

      • The gown worn by Patricia, I would say in plain English….. The Japanese inspired TERNO….. because of the red KARAKUSA and karabana prints…. DOMO.

  10. gown of candidate 11 is the best of the best…. followed by gowns of Golda Soller and Janine Tugonon..

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