10 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas 2012 Candidates’ Profiles 16-30

  1. Dear Norman,

    Thank you for this pieces of information about our lovely candidates this year.

    My only concern is that the “official” height of some of our contestants are not really accurate. I attended an event last Tuesday at Gateway and met some of the candidates.

    Ms. Zanardi is really petite. She walked without heels that time and from my measurement, she is is only around 5’4-5’5 (I even thought she was 5’3) .

    I stand 5’10 barefoot….

    Anyway, I hope BPCI should be really transparent in their measurements of these candidates.

    Thank you.

    • My hope as well, Marina. I don’t particularly like it when highly quantifiable details, such as height, are compromised.

    • And if, as you say, Chloe Zanardi stands no more than 5’5″, how about the ones measured officially as 5’5″?

  2. I’m surprised that this year BPCI has listed Janine Tugonon’s height as 5’9″ — I seem to recall that last year, BPCI had her as 5’7″ 3/4″, or about as tall as Shamcey. There are similar height discrepancies involving some pageant returnees from when they last competed as well. I wonder what’s going on at BPCI? What’s your take on this Norman?

    • Truth be told, Glenn, I don’t know what to think anymore. At the moment, I’m taking these numbers as is but I won’t throw caution in the wind. Stranger things have happened in the past, and such height discrepancies are obviously being taken lightly by whoever is in charge. In a pageant-crazy nation like the Philippines, the smallest of details can be noticed right off the bat so I’m just hoping that no surprises will be unraveled anymore. I don’t want to assume that the stat handler and/or measurer of BPCI is irresponsible but it appears to be heading that direction. Sigh.

    • Negligence and inaccuracy on the part of Binibini. Just imagine,with details like this,how can they go wrong,don’t they know how to use measuring tapes? An increase/decrease in bust line and waist line meaurements is understandable, but with heigt,how can a candidate be smaller by inch or two compare to her initial height when she first joined. And how can be one an inch taller after a year. height increase stops at the of 18. This is one proof that Bb.Pilipinas screening committees/staff are so careless when it comes to factual details, no wonder why year after year,dethronement and disqualifications are inevitable.

      By the way, Glenn, I made an assessment if ever Dimaranan will be our representative to the Miss Universe. What is your reaction on that?
      I’m also curious on how you will rate Tugonon and Lastimosa’s chances internationally should they win on Apr.15?

  3. Norman — Thanks for posting the candidates’ official height roster. Suddenly certain candidates look more appealing…

  4. so from the height given,it’s not true that #1 and #30 are the smallest,and starting from the middle are the tallests. i can’t believe that jessalva is only 5’7 1/2,she looks the tallest of them all. there is really a discrepancy in the measuring tape of the Binibini.

    • Roxane Joy has the same height as Shamcey last year. And may the issue about being reported as 5’5″ for some be put to rest by this official release. ‘Nuff said.

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